Gabb Phone: Is It Worth Buying In 2023? Let’s Find Out!

Getting a gabb phone is an effective way to give teenagers some freedom and limit their internet access. It is important for older kids to feel independent because it helps them take responsibility and become more aware.

Parents often worry about their teenagers’ safety, especially when they go somewhere alone; hence, getting them a Gabb phone is a good solution for them to feel secure about their child’s safety.

A Gabb phone is an easy way to keep in touch with teenagers and not worry about exposing them to illicit content on social media platforms. The article lists several benefits and shortcomings of the phone, which will help parents and older siblings decide whether to get Gabb phones.

Gabb Phone: Is It Worth Buying In 2023? Let’s Find Out!

Gabb Phone Is It Worth Buying

Kids at a certain age feel left out, especially in recent times, if they still need to get a smartphone in hand. Giving them a Gabb phone is an effective option to give them a sense of independence and responsibility.

With no access to social media platforms and the internet, children are less likely to be exposed to illicit content. Discussing it with parents and children will further create awareness among the kids and help them understand the significance of certain luxuries in life.

The phone has a warranty that does cover any damage resulting from spills or drops. For the warranty, the users must pay $4.99 every month.

The music features on Gabb phone are free for the first 30 days, which will cost around $4.99 monthly. It is not compulsory. Hence, it can be discontinued.

What Is A Gabb Phone?

What Is A Gabb Phone

Gabb phone is a mobile phone without internet or social media access. It is a portable version of the analog phone but with the build of a smartphone allowing features such as sending and receiving text messages and calling and receiving phone calls.

According to the official site, the gabb wireless phone does not have any apps or games for the children to access; however, it does have GPS tracking as a feature that helps parents keep track of their children’s movement in a crisis.

The gabb phone for kids also allows optional music streaming, which is children-safe as no explicit lyrics or songs are not allowed. The Gabb phone works on the network created by Gabb’s powerless network, which connects via Verizon. It will enable Gabb users to access the huge network of Verizon.

Features Of Gabb Phone

  • Sending and receiving unlimited calls and text messages
  • Gabb Music allows access to music that is kid-friendly
  • With GPS tracking and geo-referencing set by parents in the phone, it can be tracked in the real-time location.


There is no accessibility to send or receive messages or images on groups with a standard Gabb subscription; however, it can be added with an additional fee. The Gabb wireless phone is free, but the network has a monthly subscription plan.

The unlimited text messages and talk subscription is $24.99 monthly, a 2-year contract. Users wanting to add an MMS feature to this subscription pack must pay $2 monthly.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Gabb Phone?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Gabb Phone
  • Easy to stay in touch with kids – Kids having Gabb phones can be contacted by their parents, older siblings, and other relatives. Texting or calling both is applicable. Hence, calling the kid to pick them up from school on time or informing them that you will be late is effective.
  • No distraction for kids: There is no accessibility to the internet and social media platforms; hence, it does not distract the kids. Teenagers often become addicted to video games or use social media platforms; therefore, they are not preoccupied with any access to these elements. Children aged 8 to 9 find the phone boring; however, for parents, it is efficient because it helps contact the children.
  • Peace of mind for parents – With the increasing issues of safety and concerns around mishaps in schools, having a gabb wireless with the kid puts a parent’s mind at ease. The experience of sending your child through a public bus or pool car is more peaceful with the Gapp phone.

The phone also has real-time GPS tracking, allowing parents to check their child’s position anyplace. With the help of a companion app, parents also highlight “safe zones” for children. It will lead to parents receiving notifications if the kid goes outside the safe zones.

What Are The Shortcomings Of The Gabb Phone?

  • No ability to block calls from non-approved numbers – Considering the Gabb phone does not have a lot of allowance for parental control, there is no ability to block calls.
  • There can be times when anti-social and disturbing individuals can harass children or kids. There is no way to stop that unless you change the connection.
  • Phones might not always be carried – At times, children forget about things, and in case of traveling, the phones can be in their backpacks which they might not take to the classroom or cafeteria. The phone can easily be left behind, hence gabb watch can be a good solution for this issue.
  • It is expensive – The monthly fee is very high, especially when it only offers texting and calling. Other features, such as MMS or Gabb music, require additional payment. Overall, the service can be expensive for parents whose children are not regularly using the Gabb phone.
Battery life is goodUsing companion app, the phone can be tracked3.5mm headphone jack for audioFingerprint readerNot allowance to download appsLimited parental controlsThe phone is not water resistantThe screen does not effective brightnessAt times, the camera is effective while other times it is a failure

Is The Gabb Phone Worth Buying?

According to the reviews, it is worth buying if this is a child’s first smartphone. If parents are looking for a smartphone that will not allow access to the internet, social media platforms, or gaming, then this phone is it.

If you live in a location where the coverage of Verizon is good, then you can get the Gabb phone as it gives a connection through Verizon. This phone is the easiest way to track the child’s location, so get this phone!

According to the reviews on the official site of Gabb, the device has been rated 5 stars by almost 180 reviews informing that they are very happy with such a product. Parents are satisfied with the way kids cannot access social media platforms.


Please read the article to learn more about the advantages of using a gabb phone for children. You will also learn about the phone’s shortcomings and accordingly decide on the reliability of the phone. Comment below regarding your opinion on giving kids a phone without any internet access and whether you support it.

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