Gabb Watch: Is It Good & Should You Buy It?

Has your kid been using a gabb phone for some time now, and you want to know more about the gabb watch? Planning to buy it? Learn about the benefits and the issues of the Gapp watch in this article.

Gabb Wireless is a well-known name in the tech space for children. They may not have the popularity of Samsung and Apple, yet they have created an influential position in the market regarding phones and watches.

The Gabb watch is a perfect smartphone alternative and costs around $149.99. The network service is $14.99 monthly, only applicable with an initial subscription. The contract extends to 2 years, and if users do not use any contract, the service price is $16.99 a month.

Gabb Watch: Is It Good & Should You Buy It?

Gabb Watch Is It Good

The Gabb watch is an internet-free device with significant features like a one-touch emergency calling. There are also options for voice messaging and tracking of movement. The look has a warranty for which users must pay $4.99 monthly.

You can buy the device on the official site of Gabb Wireless Website, A smartwatch for kids, the Gabb watch is an internet-free device with safety features that are both interesting and safe for them to use. The watch is practical, and it is straightforward to set up.

Working in Gabb’s operating system, the device is entirely safe from the security risks of third-party networks. Parents can control the incoming and outgoing messages and calls.

What Is A Gabb Watch?

The kids gps watch combines interactive smartwatches, phones, and GPS trackers, making it safer for kids. The Snapdragon Wear Platform powers the watch and effectively creates a safe space for kids on the edge of taking responsibility.

The unique app Gabb Go is based on the concept of daily living and developed into a game. Children are encouraged to develop good habits by playing this game, where they have a set of daily tasks to complete and take care of virtual pets.

Just like in gabb phone for kids, parents can set up “safe zones” for children, which then will notify parents regarding the movement of the children. There is also the “Lock Mode” aspect, which limits certain activities for children to check up on distractions.

What Are The Features Of A Gabb Watch?

Is It Any Good

The gabb watch for kids is dirt and sweat resistant; hence, it efficiently serves children, considering they are only sometimes careful. There are other features in the Gabb watch, such as follows:

1. Unlimited text and calls

The watch also allows users to make unlimited calls and texts. With total subscriptions, the children can call or receive texts and calls based on their requirements. Another advantage is that children can only reach an unknown number if it is in the contact book.

2. Counting steps

The watch is also effective in helping the children stay fit as it helps count the number of steps they walk daily. The watch, therefore, can be used as active sportswear for young kids.

3. Voice messaging

Children can send voice messages to all of her contacts. Hence, it is constructive. It comes in handy when there is an impromptu event or program in the school, and parents might decide to visit later or earlier.

Effective time management through voice messages helps children and their parents with transparency.

4. Pre-activated

The Gabb watch is pre-activated, which means the moment it is out of the package, it is good to go! The device needs to be plugged in and connected to the app. There are specific steps that users should follow to activate it.

Users should follow the instructions that are present on the package and the display of the product.

5. GPS tracking

There is GPS tracking in the gabb wireless watch which helps parents track the movement of their kids. When the kids travel via public transportation or go to a neighbor’s house or school, this GPS tracking is handy for parents.

6. SOS

The watch has the capability of performing SOS and emergency calls.

7. Text messaging

There are pre-programmed texts set in the Gabb watch that the children can use. It saves time and helps them convey messages. There are also emojis in the watch, which can help kids connect with their parents on a more organic level.

8. Games

Completing exciting games based on daily activities adds positivity and encouragement to the purpose of the kid’s life. There is a sense of fulfillment and teaching them many things.

Is It Any Good?

It is good because the device motivates the children to treat it like a tool required for valuable purposes and functions instead of sitting on the device the whole day! The sense of freedom received in using Gabb phones is an added advantage as it makes them more confident.

It also helps in becoming more aware. Hence, it is a great learning opportunity for children to use the Gabb watch.

Pros And Cons

There are to-do lists in the game which is realistic10 seconds SOS buttonNo access to internetDoes not need to be activatedDust and sweat resistantThe shutdowns are not remoteThe watch should not be submerged in waterIt does not have any camera

Should You Buy It?

The device is practical and functional; kids use it for the first time. According to the official website and parents, there are several pros that children aged between 8 to 12 can use the gabb phone.

A 7-year-old might handle the type of responsibility that comes from this device. However, the parents should take the decision.

The viability of buying this watch also depends on the number of times that your kids need to go out for events or you drop them off for school and extracurricular activities. Based on the activity frequency, you decide whether you should buy it.

According to the gabb wireless reviews on their official site Gabb, the product has received 5-star ratings, with the parents being delighted with the outcome and the services.


Please read the article to learn whether or not you should buy the gabb watch and whether it is worth it. Comment down below regarding your experience of giving children a swatch watch.

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