Genshin Impact Review: Is This Game Worth My Time In 2023?

As an otaku, playing anime-inspired games has always been one of my favorite pastimes as of late. However, since I started playing Genshin Impact amidst the Covid lockdowns in 2020, the pandemic seemed a bit less lonely. 

This is how I spent most of my lockdowns – playing this action RPG with my friends and simping for Ningguang. Never did I feel so mesmerized by the beautiful visuals, the amazing character art, and the soundtrack as I did with this game.

However, this game has come a long way since its early beginnings in 2020. So should you play this game in 2023? Read this Genshin Impact review to find out!

The GoodThe Bad
Great graphics and character models.Takes a lot of grinding and luck to get the characters you want.
Satisfying and flashy combat.Each update is big in size and takes a long time to download.
Well-designed open world.
A big roster of playable characters.
➕ Free to play.
Available on many platforms.

What Is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an online action RPG released by Chinese developers MiHoYo in 2020. This game became an instant hit because of its anime aesthetics and its cute characters.

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In this game, you play as the unnamed Traveler. As you start this game, you see your sibling getting kidnapped by a god-like deity. This can be your twin brother or sister, depending on the gender of the Traveler you chose to play as. Your new aim – travel the continent of Tevyat and find your kidnapped sibling.

How To Play Genshin Impact?

If you are new to Genshin Impact or still thinking about whether to play this game or not, then my review of several aspects will definitely answer some of your doubts. 

Genshin Impact Graphics

Genshin Impact Graphics

Anime watchers and Otakus have considerably increased over the years. Therefore, banking on it can be one of the best decisions miHoYo has taken with this game. This makes the game more aesthetic and engaging to play. 

The graphics of this game at the highest resolution and settings on PC is marvelous to look at. I often couldn’t help but stare at the lush green plains and valleys of this game from a vantage point. The graphics are that great, with the character models and flashy movies being rendered in great detail. This is an astounding feat for a game of this scope, that also being free to play. 

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Genshin Impact Map

Genshin Impact Map

You play the game all over Teyvat, the Genshin Impact map. Teyvat is a beautiful continent to explore, divided into multiple regions or nations, all defined by an element. The elemental nations of Teyvat are:

  • Mondstadt: The nation of Anemo (wind), ruled by Barbatos. This is the starting region of the game. This region mostly has lush, green valleys and even a chilly peak (Dragonspire) to explore.
  • Liyue: The nation of Geo (earth), ruled by Morax. This is then the second nation to be added to the game. 
  • Inazuma: The nation of Electro (lightning), ruled by Raiden Ei. This is the third region to be added to the game. 
  • Sumeru: The nation of Dendro (nature), ruled by Lord Kusanali. This is the upcoming fourth nation that will be added to the game soon.
  • Fontaine: The nation of Hydro (water), ruled by the unnamed God Of Justice.
  • Natlan: The nation of Pyro (fire), ruled by Murata. 
  • Snezhnaya: The nation of Cryo (ice), ruled by the Tsaritsa.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

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The basic gameplay loop involves you exploring the world of Teyvat, unlocking all the regions as you go. As you explore these regions, you get many side quests to do, including the main story quests (also known as Archon Quests).

Completing these quests is your main focus since you will receive upgrade materials and Primogems. You can then use these materials to level up your characters and your weapons. Primiogems are used for making wishes that give you weapons and new characters (rare).

As you explore, you get to fight lots of monsters, humans, and even powerful bosses. All of these enemies have their own strengths and elemental weaknesses. This game has a co-op mode where other players can join your world (and vice versa). However, low-level players cannot join the world of high-level players. Genshin Impact also supports cross-platform play since mobile players can coop with PC and PS4 players if they want. Therefore, none of your friends will get left out. 

I personally enjoyed this gameplay loop since it was fun and engaging. The story quests felt fresh, with greatly animated cutscenes and new activities to do each quest. However, doing the daily quests or Commissions and the ley line quests to earn my daily share of Primogems and upgrade materials felt boring after some time because of their repetitive nature.

daily quests or Commissions

However, it is the smooth combat mechanics that made me come back to this game every day. Killing enemies using flashing elemental moves felt satisfying. The ability to dodge attacks felt very responsive, thanks to its smooth animations and effects. Hacking and slashing at enemies felt great, along with scoring critical hits with a well-placed headshot using my bows and arrows.

Exploring Teyvat feels great because of the flying and climbing mechanics of the game. You can pretty much jump off from any cliff you see and climb the peaks of any mountain too. Just keep an eye out for your stamina bar. 

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Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters

All Genshin Impact characters have two special moves based on their element – an Elemental Skill and an Elemental Burst (Ultimate). The Skill is the basic ability of the character with a shorter cooldown. On the other hand, the Burst is the more powerful ultimate move with a longer cooldown.

All these abilities can either do direct damage to enemies or buff themselves and allies up and debuff enemies. Some even summon allied monsters and obstacles on the battlefield to varying effects.

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In addition, each character can also use one type of weapon. The various types of weapons are:

  • Swords: Lighter swords with fast swinging attacks.
  • Claymores: Heavier swords with slower swinging attacks with serious damage.
  • Polearms: Spears with fast thrust attacks and even swinging attacks.
  • Catalysts: Spellbook for mages.
  • Bows: Bows and arrows for long-range archers.

One of the best things that I liked was mixing and matching various elemental characters to create unique combos. I always felt a sense of intrigue to try out new characters when I got them. The elemental combinations that you can create in this game can be understood easily by looking at the image below:

elemental combinations

All the Genshin Impact tier list characters that I have got so far felt unique from each other. I was easily able to create interesting combos and strategies with my team of four uber-violent lolis. 

Genshin Impact Banners And Wishes

Genshin Impact Banners And Wishes

This is where Genshin Impact takes a turn toward not being free to play. 

You do get some characters as you complete various quests in the game (for example, you get Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa as you complete the first few Archon Quests of the game). However, to get the rest of the expanding roster of 48+ characters, you have to pull them from wishes.

Inspired by the luck-based gacha system, the character you get to pull depends on your luck and banner. Every wish falls under a banner. Each banner gives you the chance to pull out one or two five-star characters and a few other four-star characters.

Which character you get from the banner changes every season. Therefore, if you see your favorite character not appearing in any banner, then simply wait for some time. miHoYo will definitely rerun the character in an upcoming banner.

It’s in this wishing system that Primogems become the most important. You need Primogems to make a wish, which all cost 160 Primogems. Therefore, keep playing Genshin Impact and do your daily commissions to ensure that you have enough Primogems to get the given 5-star character you want, probably on your 90th try.

Primogems to get the given 5-star character

In my opinion, I feel that this system can be a turn-off for many players. All gamers have their demands which include playing with a certain character they want. However, this gacha system can, in reality, prevent them from playing with the character they want to, turning many people away from this game.

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Genshin Impact Future Roadmap

Gemshinn Impact has a bright future ahead. With so many playable characters being added to the banner every update, it will keep players engaged for a long time. 

Genshin Impact Future Roadmap

In a public statement, the developers of miHoYo have stated that they have a 12-year road map for this game. On every update, new limited-timed special events also get added. 

However, the future of this game looks bright because only three of the seven regions so far have been added to the game. Therefore, there are four (or even more) regions left to be added to the game, with new Archon Quests and playable characters from these regions. 

So if you start playing now, you will be playing pretty dedicatedly for years if you like Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Pro Tips: 10 Strategies for Success in Teyvat

Genshin Impact has captivated gamers worldwide with its immersive open-world RPG experience. To elevate your gameplay and achieve pro-level success, we’ve curated 10 expert tips and tricks for players of all levels.

Master Elemental Synergy

Construct a team with synergistic elemental abilities. Experiment with different combinations to unlock devastating combos against your foes.

Mastery of Dodge and Parry

Precise timing is your defense. Hone your dodging and parrying skills to minimize damage and gain the upper hand in combat.

Invest in Character Growth

Elevate your favorite characters by leveling them up and optimizing their gear. Strengthen weapons, artifacts, and talents to become a formidable force.

Thorough Exploration

Teyvat is a sprawling world brimming with hidden treasures. Immerse yourself in exploration to unearth valuable items, secret chests, and concealed quests.

Routine Tasks Matter

Don’t overlook daily commissions, domains, and ley line outcrops. Completing these tasks consistently yields resources and rewards vital for character progression.

Elemental Alchemy

Familiarize yourself with elemental reactions like Overload and Superconduct. Strategically exploit these interactions to gain an edge in combat.

Weapon Enhancement

Optimize your arsenal by enhancing and refining your weapons. Leveraging elemental affinities with characters can yield substantial damage bonuses.

Keep Moving

In the heat of battle, mobility is your shield. Dodge incoming attacks and target enemy weaknesses. This approach is especially effective against bosses and formidable adversaries.

Primogem Prudence

Save your Primogems for pivotal moments. These precious gems are used for wishes, so reserve them for limited-time banners housing coveted 5-star characters and weapons.

Community Connection

Foster connections with fellow players through forums, Discord channels, and in-game communities. Sharing strategies and insights with fellow adventurers can significantly enhance your Genshin Impact journey.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your gameplay, you’ll navigate Teyvat like a seasoned pro. Dedicate yourself to refining your abilities, uncovering the world’s mysteries, and assembling formidable teams to triumph over even the most daunting challenges.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions That Gamers Ask):

Q1. When Did Genshin Impact Come Out?

The Genshin Impact release date was 28 September 2022 for PC, mobile, and PS4. It was soon released on the PS5 through backward compatibility next year on 28 April 2021. The Genshin Impact Switch version is still in development.

Q2. What Are The Best Genshin Impact Codes?

This game always has many active codes that provide players with free resources like Primogems and Mora. Some of these Genshin Impact redeem codes that are active now are:
1. XTNDKTEBWA59: Adventurers Experience x5, Primogems x60
2. GENSHINGIFT: Hero’s Wit x3, Primiogems x50

Q3. Is Genshin Impact Hentai Really That Popular?

Genshin Impact Hentai” has become one of the most popular search terms on Google since the game was released. There is a lot of R-Rated content like pornographic comics and videos made by fans available on many adult sites. Visit these sites and watch them at your own risk.

Q4. Is Genshin Impact Free To Play?

Yes, this game is entirely free to play with freemium features like microtransactions. You can download it for free from the Epic Game Store or from the official website of miHoYo. However, it tempts many gamers to pay for more Primogems to get the characters they want.

Final Verdict: Is Genshin Impact Worth My Time In 2023?

Genshin Impact is one of the best free-to-play online action RPGs to be released so far. With an anime aesthetic, funky-looking characters, and one of the smoothest combat systems, this action game is still worth your time in 2023 and even beyond for years to come. 

The future of the game also looks bright, with a very long roadmap planned ahead. However, the luck-based gacha system for getting the character you want can be too much of a grind for many, especially if they want to be totally free to play as a gamer.

The GoodThe Bad
Great graphics and character models.Takes a lot of grinding and luck to get the characters you want.
Satisfying and flashy combat.Each update is big in size and takes a long time to download.
Well-designed open world.
A big roster of playable characters.
➕ Free to play.
Available on many platforms.

I hope this Genshin Impact review answered many questions you might have before playing this game. For more reviews, check out more of them at TechTrendsPro.

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      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya is a professional content writer from Kolkata, India. Constantly improving himself in this industry for more than three years, he has amassed immense knowledge regarding his niches of writing tech and gaming articles. He loves spending time with his cats, along with playing every new PC action game as soon as possible.

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