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You can take gaming on your mobile phones seriously and casually simultaneously. This is because mobile gaming is typically associated with casual gaming. However, the rise of PUBG, Call of Duty, and League of Legends: Wild Rift has also made way for competitive gaming.

This is why searching for the best android games to play in 2023 has become a necessary topic. Unfortunately, with so many games on the Google Playstore, it has become difficult to choose one.

Therefore, we have listed the ten best android games you should play in 2023.

Best Android Games You Must Play In 2023

Looking for the ultimate Android gaming experience? We’ve compiled a list of the best Android games that you simply can’t afford to miss. From action-packed adventures to brain-teasing puzzles, these games offer hours of entertainment. Join me as I explore the top Android games you must play in 2023.

1. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile

Price: Free

Size: 4.5GB

Call of Duty has kept fans enthralled for years with its famous Modern Warfare and Black Ops series of games for consoles and PC. In addition, it also has the super famous (and infamous) Warzone battle royale too.

But if you combine 5v5 and Battle Royale multiplayer gameplay modes, you will get Call Of Duty Mobile. So gamers worldwide can play this best android game for free with their friends in excellent co-op action.

COD mobile has excellent graphics compared to other FPS mobile games. However, it also has the signature COD gameplay and also receives frequent updates for great new content to make the game feel fresh for old and new gamers.

2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Price: Free

Size: 16GB

If multiplayer games are too sweaty for your liking, then why not chill out with your pals playing Genshin Impact?

This anime-inspired action RPG game was released in 2020 and has become a hit sensation amongst all gamers. In this game, you go on a quest to find your lost sibling through various elemental realms. Take on monsters, bandits, and celestial beings in this free-to-play party-based PvE game, where you can pull off flashy elemental combos to turn your enemies to dust.

With many different characters to play with, grind this best android game daily to unlock all everything through its generous gacha system.

3. GRID Autosport

GRID AutosportGRID Autosport

Price: $9.99

Size: 4GB

Sometimes, being fast behind the steering wheel is the best way for people to get their gaming adrenaline rush. If you feel the same, then definitely download GRID Autosport.

While this game might not be free to play compared to other games on this list, it boasts realistic graphics. Combine this with amazing touch controls and online coop game modes, you get the best android racing games.

There are various game modes to play here, with over 80 cars to choose from. Therefore, strap on your seatbelts, get ready to drive fast and furious, and crave your need for speed.

4. League Of Legends: Wild Rift

League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Price: Free

Size: 2.5GB

If you think replicating the epic of MOBA games like League of Legends is impossible on Android, think again. Riot Games finally released League of Legends: Wild Rift for android and it’s as good as its PC counterpart.

With over 80 characters to choose from, pick your champion and head out into the rift with four other friends. Participate in epic battles to protect your nexus while slaughtering the enemy team and shattering their nexus to claim victory.

MOBA games are competitive, requiring a proper understanding of the champions and the game mechanics to achieve victory.

5. Legends Of Runeterra

Legends Of Runeterra

Price: Free

Size: 2GB

If you think action-based best android games don’t match your eclectic tastes, why not play a collectible card game? Legends of Runterra is the latest card game by Riot, based on the champions of League of Legends.

Here, you get to build a deck with 40 cards from each of the ten regions of the game. First, build a deck with strategy and champion synergies in mind. This will let you come up with combos. Use them to throw your opponents off balance and whittle their nexus to zero in one big move.

The best part is that it is pretty generous to collect all cards simply by playing this game. This is why this game is better than Hearthstone.

6. Minecraft


Price: $6.99

Size: 200MB

If you want to be a successful miner while killing monsters simultaneously, it’s time to start now.

Minecraft is one of the best android games of all time. Popular amongst children because of its pixelated graphics and fun gameplay, build houses and take on the Ender Dragon in a grand fashion.

This game has received several updates, adding new content and new game modes for players to explore. In addition, it has a cohesive map and mode creator where you can decide and design what type of game you want to play.

7. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Price: Free

Size: 1.2GB

Pokemon Go was one of the best android games when it was first released way back in 2018. Introducing the concept of AR (augmented reality) in mobile gaming, start exploring your own city and catching lots of Pokemon. 

Here, you can catch Pokemon from various areas in your town while exploring the city. This lets you get some fresh air and some walking, which most gamers do not get. In addition, you can trade Pokemon with your friends and even battle them in real-time. 

So start exploring, catch Pokemon, and become the Pokemon Master you were destined to become!

8. PUBG New State

PUBG New State

Price: Free

Size: 1.5GB

PUBG got crowned as one of the best mobile games after its release in 2018. Being better than its PC counterpart (without the bugs, of course), this game was a massive success, especially in India.

However, this game was desperately in need of fresh air. Enter PUBG New State, the same game, just back to the future. With futuristic weapons and maps, this game is as satisfying to play as one of the best free android games.

Play as solo, duo, or squad up with your friends to land on a 100-player map. I know you are hungry, so why not be the last one standing and grab a chicken dinner for yourself?

9. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Price: $9.99

Size: 1.5GB

Square Enix is popular for releasing some of the best JRPG games, famed for its Final Fantasy games. However, one old-school SNES game from the 90s has stood the test of time to become Square Enix’s magnum opus. And its name is Chrono Trigger.

Time through different eras of history, as Chrono and his party of an eclectic, rag-tag group of friends take on Lados to prevent an apocalypse in the future. The story and turn-based combat are as exciting as they were back in the 90s.

With character art made by legendary Dragon Ball Z manga Akira Toriyama, the story is one of the best offline android games of all time.

10. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Price: Free

Size: 2.8GB

One of the latest best android games on this list, Apex Legends, is already famed for its PC version. 

This battle royale android game mixes the best of Titanfall 2 gunplay and movement with Overwatch-styled abilities. This unholy mix created a good gaming experience that became one of the most played android games of all time in just a month.

Form a team of three and choose your champion wisely amongst the more than 20 characters roster. Then, mix and match the right gun’s abilities to be the last one standing in the three brilliantly designed maps.

Brawl Stars

Price: Free

Size: 100MB

Brawl Stars is a highly engaging and fast-paced multiplayer game available for Android devices. With a relatively small download size of approximately 100MB, it’s accessible for a wide range of users, even those with limited storage space on their devices. This makes it a convenient choice for players who want an action-packed gaming experience without the need for a large download.

In Brawl Stars, players engage in various game modes, including 3v3 battles, solo showdowns, and special events. The game’s primary focus is team-based combat, where you collect and unlock a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Team up with friends or match with players from around the world to compete in exciting battles.

One of the standout features of Brawl Stars is its accessibility and approachability, making it suitable for both casual and competitive gamers. The game is free to download and play, with in-app purchases available for cosmetic items and character unlocks. This free-to-play model ensures that players can enjoy the game without any initial cost while having the option to enhance their experience with in-game purchases.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Price: Free

Size: 2GB

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is an immersive augmented reality (AR) mobile game that plunges players into the rich and dangerous world of The Witcher universe. Unlike traditional mobile games, it leverages AR technology to create an authentic monster-hunting experience in the real world.

In this game, players assume the role of a Witcher, a professional monster hunter, and embark on quests to track, battle, and ultimately vanquish a variety of menacing creatures. What sets this game apart is its integration of real-world exploration, as players must physically move around their environment to discover monsters, gather resources, and complete quests.

Released as a free-to-play title, The Witcher: Monster Slayer offers in-app purchases for in-game items and currency. The game’s size varies depending on your device, but it typically ranges between 1.5GB to 2GB. While the game is free to download and play, these in-app purchases can enhance your gameplay experience.

With its stunning graphics, challenging battles, and the thrill of hunting monsters in your own surroundings, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a must-play for fans of The Witcher series and AR gaming enthusiasts alike. Dive into the world of Geralt of Rivia and embark on epic monster-hunting quests right from your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which Is Better, PUBG or COD?

Both games are great on their own. However, PUBG has more realistic gameplay and a bigger player base. On the other hand, COD mobile has better graphics and more arcadey gameplay, which is what many gamers want.

Q2. Is Apex Legends The Best Battle Royale On Mobile?

PUBG mobile started the battle royale craze in mobile gaming. Soon, Call Of Duty mobile followed suit. The latest entry into battle royale gaming on mobile is Apex Legends, which is hands down the best one if you like faster-paced movement and combat. 

Q3. Is Pokemon Go Still Worth It In 2023?

Pokemon Go was a sensational phenomenon that shook gamers worldwide in 2018. However, ever since the covid pandemic forced everyone to stay inside their homes, Pokemon Go has lost the craze it was once associated with. 

Q4. Which Is The Best Card Game On Mobile?

When it comes to card games on mobile phones, Hearthstone has reigned supreme, with Gwent being a close second. But now, ever since Legends of Runeterra dropped, it soon became the most played card game. 


The best android games in 2023 should be the ones that have great graphics, gameplay, and coop elements. Playing with your friends after a hard day at work feels refreshingly satisfied to an extent.

This is why games like Genshin Impact, PUBG New State, Apex Legends, and League of Legends: Wild Rift are popular. 

To learn more about these games, click on their links for more information here at Tech Trends Pro!

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      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya is a professional content writer from Kolkata, India. Constantly improving himself in this industry for more than three years, he has amassed immense knowledge regarding his niches of writing tech and gaming articles. He loves spending time with his cats, along with playing every new PC action game as soon as possible.

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