10 Most Popular And Best Cricket Games For Android Users In 2022

Howdy gamers! I hope all of you are doing well. Are you guys fond of playing cricket? If you are, you must check the best cricket games for android.

Indeed, a mobile cricket game won’t suffice your craving for real cricket. But you can have a fun time. Also, if you are an android gamer, you will enjoy playing some of these cricket games for android devices.

The Google Play store has tons of android cricket games that you can install on your device. However, there are so many, choosing the best cricket games for android becomes a little tricky. As a solution to your problem, I have listed down the best mobile cricket games you can enjoy on your android device.

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Some Of The Best Cricket Games For Android

Some Of The Best Cricket Games For Android

As a die-hard cricket fan, you will enjoy these top ten android cricket games.

1. World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3

One of the best cricket games for android is the World Cricket Championship 3. This game offers a phenomenal graphics and gaming experience. Moreover, as an upgraded version of the previous World Cricket Championship 2, this game truly justifies its earlier version.

Some of the best qualities of this android cricket game are-

  • Multiplayer option for playing.
  • Great animation.
  • Professional game commentary.
  • The game uses AI to offer a better gaming experience.
  • Players have plenty of stadiums, pitches, and lights to choose from.
  • You can play World Cup, Test Cricket, ODIs, Tri-Series, Ashes.

2. Cricket T20 fever 3D

Cricket T20 fever 3D

Are you down for T20 cricket? If you enjoy T20 cricket and love IPL, T20 cricket world cup, then Cricket T20 Fever will deliver the gaming action you have been looking for so long. The 3d graphics of this cricket game for android will blow your mind. Here are some of the features of this game-

  •  The gaming experience is excellent.
  • The 3d graphics of this game are amazing.
  • ODIs, T20 matches, and world cup tournaments are available for playing.
  • Powerplay style matches.
  • Simple controls for batting and bowling.
  • Cameras in the style of TV broadcasts.
  • You can watch the cheerleaders dance once you have taken a wicket or scored a boundary.

3. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League

The best cricket games for android have unique qualities in each of them. Some have the most dynamic gaming experience, while others offer stunning visuals. The Stick Cricket Super League is notable for its hilarious animations. You get stick figures for players. This cricket game for android has some exciting player options. Here are some of those features-

  • The game has two options for playing it; you can organize a T20 team or play individually.
  • You can create your player using various customizing options available in the game. There are plenty of hairstyles and accessories to help you.
  • You can choose your team from 70+ global teams.
  • You can lead your team of XI players and assign bowling and batting to different players.
  • You can earn trophies and unlock achievements and build your career throughout the game.

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4. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20

Are you looking for the best cricket games for android? Real Cricket 20 offers the best android cricket game with realistic graphics. If you miss the classic world cup games with old ODI rules, then Real Cricket 20 will be more than happy to enlighten you. The game is within my list of the best mobile cricket games because it fulfills some of the below criteria-

  • The game offers commentary in various languages, including Hindi and English.
  • You have multiple playing options to choose from; one vs. one and two vs. two modes.
  • You can play with the AI or play with your friends.
  • Save and share the highlights of your match.
  • You can choose stadiums and different playing conditions.
  • The game has a light version for lower-end devices; Real Cricket Go is light.

5. Sachin Saga Cricket Champion

Sachin Saga Cricket Champion

If you are an Indian gamer, you would love to get yourself in the shoes of the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, this game allows you to play as the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. As for what you can expect from this game-

  • You can start as Tendulkar at the age of 16. The game follows 24 years of his career as a cricketer.
  • Over 28 shots of Sachin are in the game.
  •  Many tournaments like the Big Bash, World Cup, Asia Cup are present.
  • You can also play with online players.

6. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

It will be an injustice if I don’t mention this among the best android cricket games. If you want to play an android cricket game with lots of tournaments, quick matches, and an efficient controller, then T20 Cricket Championship is just the mobile cricket game you need to play. Here are what you can expect from this game-

  • You can participate in online live events.
  • The game offers out of the world batting experience.
  • Quick matches and tournaments are fun here.
  • You can manage the spinning, direction, and speed of your bowling.
  • Controls are simple and easy.
  • The game has 3d graphics and realistic animations.
  • You can also play this cricket game on android tablets.

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7. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket

Inspired by the Big Bash League of KFC, this game follows Australia’s summer domestic T20 Tournament. You can download this mobile cricket game for free. Here are some amazing aspects of the game-

  • You can play great shots as your favorite player.
  • Realistic animation and flawless control offer a close-to-reality gaming experience.
  • Quickplay and complete gaming season are available in this game. Super over, and some unique game challenges are present here.
  • You can get into a one-on-one multiplayer battle with your friends.

8. MSD: World Cricket Bash

MSD World Cricket Bash

If you are a fan of the Captain Cool of Indian Cricket, this mobile cricket game won’t disappoint you. It is one of the best cricket games for android. Based on MS Dhoni, the game takes after the cricketer’s biopic played by the late Sushant Singh Rajput. Here are some of the highlighted features of the game-

  • The features are easy to learn.
  • The bowling mechanics are unique in this game.
  • The game allows you to enjoy the story of maestro MSD through some memorable battles.
  • The AI system maintains the difference between matches, so you don’t get bored.
  • TV broadcast-style camera.
  •  The sound quality of the game is top-notch.

9. WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals

Another entertaining cricket game for android is the WCC Rivals. You can enjoy the fun of cricket with your friends while playing in multiplayer mode. The game offers a 2v2 online cricket match. You can host your cricket matches in this game. Here are some of its fine features-

  • You can play against real human opponents.
  • You can customize your team.
  • Smooth gameplay and performance.
  • Unique gaming controls.
  • Real-time voice chat with other players.

10. Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket

Smash sixers with smash cricket on your android phone. If you are looking for the most straightforward cricket game, then smash cricket is the best game that you can play. This game features an essential cricket gaming experience with a single back camera angle and lets you enjoy the game anywhere. Here are some important aspects of smash cricket-

  • The game is available for free.
  • Play with your friends online.
  • The game has amazing 3d graphics.
  • You can play offline.

11. Cricket Megastar

Cricket Megastar for Android is an immersive mobile cricket game that lets you step into the shoes of a cricket superstar. This engaging and user-friendly game offers an authentic cricket experience, allowing you to bat, bowl, and field your way to the top.

With stunning graphics and intuitive controls, Cricket Megastar offers hours of entertainment for cricket enthusiasts of all ages. You can create your own player, develop skills, and compete in various tournaments to become the ultimate cricket champion.

Experience the thrill of smashing sixes, taking crucial wickets, and leading your team to victory. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard cricket fan, Cricket Megastar delivers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Some important aspects of the game are:

  • Cricket Megastar is available for free on the Android platform, making it accessible to a wide audience of cricket fans.
  • The game is frequently updated with new content, ensuring that players always have fresh challenges and features to explore.
  • Experience the journey of a budding cricketer as you start from humble beginnings and work your way up to become a cricket megastar.
  • Enjoy high-quality graphics and animations that add to the immersive gameplay experience.

12. Street Cricket Game 

Street Cricket Game for Android is an exciting mobile gaming experience that lets you enjoy the thrill of cricket right on your smartphone. This immersive game offers fast-paced, casual cricket matches set in the vibrant streets of India, with easy-to-use controls suitable for all ages.

With realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay, Street Cricket Game captures the essence of gully cricket. Challenge your friends or AI opponents in quick matches or engaging tournaments. You can customize your team, choose from various game modes, and showcase your cricket skills by smashing boundaries and taking wickets.

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind about this game:

  • The game provides an authentic feel of playing cricket in the bustling streets of India, capturing the gully cricket vibe.
  • You have the option to customize your cricket team, choosing players and formations that suit your strategy.
  • The game boasts high-quality graphics, immersing players in the vibrant and dynamic world of street cricket.
  • Street Cricket Game is designed for Android, making it accessible to a wide audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about android cricket games that you may need to know. 

1. Which Cricket Game Is Best In Android?

Here are some of the best android cricket games-

  1. World cricket championship 3
  2. Stick cricket, super league.
  3. Cricket T20 fever.
  4. Big Bash cricket.
  5. Real cricket 20.

2. Who Is No 1 Cricket Game In The World?

If you are looking for the number one cricket game, the answer is World Cricket Championship. The franchise includes three famous games; WCC, WCC Rivals and, WCC 2. These games have immense popularity among mobile cricket games.

3. Why Are There No Good Cricket Games?

If you are thinking about top-notch computer games, there are not so many popular cricket games. The reason is that cricket is not as popular as football and some other international game. Therefore, only sixteen countries are there that have immense sensation about cricket. But, if you want to play android cricket games, there are plenty. This article contains ten such games that you can play on your android device.


The mobile gaming world is now under the battle royale and shooting games‘ rule. It is impressive that you want to play cricket games on an android phone. So, to deliver only the best games, we have put together this list of best cricket games for android. You can feel free to play any of them and have fun.

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