Borderlands 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Tips & Tricks

Remember those arcade POV shooting games?

Boys, those were an experience! It’s like we were right there. 

Thank god for Borderland 2, now we can bring those virtual expeditions right inside our homes without worrying about those arcade quarters. 

The adventure that took us all right inside the heart of Pandora through Axon, Maya, Salvador and Zero. But, let’s face it; we were all of them in one, all in the quest of finding ammunition to ultimately destroy handsome Jack. 

But, with all the adversities, challenges, and hunger to win; on top of that Handsome Jake thinking and insisting that he is the Good Guy! [I mean, what’s the deal with that], it is not uncommon to wonder whether there are certain cheats codes that could make this game slightly easier for you.

Here is a list of the most efficient Borderlands 2 cheat codes that will be of big help. Additionally there are few tips and tricks that will accompany the assistance. 

‘Handsome Jack Is The Bad Guy!’- Don’t Let Him Convince You Otherwise!

Handsome Jack Is The Bad Guy

When you are a gamer at heart, it is sometimes a guilty conscience to not use cheat codes. However, there is no inferiority in having some harmless fun. Afterall, you would want your characters to progress right?

So, let’s start with the first and most obvious question. 

Can You Cheat In Borderland 2?

Although the tricks are well hidden, yes there are codes in both console and PC that will let you cheat in this game.

Here are the borderland 2 cheats PC commands:

Duplicating Money & Items 

Follow these steps:

  • First, start your game in the Co-op mode.
  • It is mandatory to have one more player with you.
  • Now, you need to stand close to that player.
  • The items you need to duplicate should be selected.
  • Transfer them all to the other player and then leave the game immediately.

On quitting the game, you will not lose any of the selected items. However, your partner player will also have those transferred items.

The best part about this mode is that this Borderland 2 cheat code can be used as many times as you desire. 

Borderland 2 glitch code 

Want more exp? By this simple coe you can collect as many at least twice.

Follow the steps for this see how to enable cheats borderlands 2 PC for exp:

  • First, you have to finish any preferable guests coming from the Tiny Tina in Tundra Express.
  • The next task is to receive an invitation to the RSVP quest.
  • You have to manipulate the flesh stick inside the Tiny Tina cave and trap him inside.
  • Now, in order to activate max level borderline 2 cheats, you have to kill him.
  • You can gain up to 1800 – 3000 exp everytime you kill. This will increase to 5000 the second time.
  • You can restart by going back to Tiny Tina.

Again, this will work the best if you are working with more than one player. But, remember in one game you can use it only twice.

How To Level Up Fast With Cheats In Borderlands 2?

How To Level Up Fast

Whenever we are playing any game, a hunger to progress faster never dies. Lucky for us, we have a borderland 2 cheats that will help us achieve this.

Reaching Level 50

Fair warning, you will have to work on this cheat for quite some time to make it work.

This is to defeat the warrior with the help of a level 50 character.

While you are given an option to either kill Handsome Jack yourself or let Lilith do it. Jump immediately inside the lava.

Trust me!

With this you will see that the game is saved with a defeated Jack and The Warrior.

Next step is to choose the ‘Save & Quit’ option.

At the point when you decide to proceed with the game, you will begin close to Jack with the need to, in any case, kill him. Then, at that point, welcome a person you need to effortlessly step up to 50. 

Whenever they have joined the game, have your Level 50 person kill Jack, stand by three seconds, and afterward reset the framework for the Level 50 person. So the game can’t be saved.

The new person will get the XP given for killing Jack, however the Level 50 person’s game won’t be saved subsequent to killing Jack. Rehash this for around an hour to get the new person to Level 50.

This is probably one of the best ‘how to beat Borderland 2’ cheats.

How To Get Unlimited Keys In Borderland 2?

How To Get Unlimited Keys In Borderland 2

If you are always wondering ‘How do you get more golden keys in Borderland 2?’ then your prayers have been answered with this Borderland 2 cheats you can get unlimited Golden Keys. 

The Things That You Will Need To Get to This Borderland 2 Cheat Code:

  • 2 Console Commands.
  • 2 different controllers.
  • 2 different accounts.
  • A removal USB Flash Drive.
  • Golden Keys.

First gamer duplicates the saved game on record and saves it to the USB streak drive.

Stay closer to the sanctuary when saved to accelerate the interaction.

Second gamer keeps their saved document elsewhere than the USB streak drive and holds the things.

Game beginnings,

The two gamers load from a similar record.

Gamer 1 must be the host.

At the point when the two players are in safe-haven, eliminate USB streak drive from where saved game was stacked.

Warning will spring up.

Try not to pick new capacity and simply press proceed.

Gamer 1 opens brilliant plunder cheat.

Gamer 2 snatches the plunders from the chest (2 purple uncommon safeguards, one rocket launcher – uncommon purple, two mods – uncommon purple)

The two players press save and leave the game

Gamer 1 stops game without saving

At the point when gamer 1 logs in again the brilliant key recently utilized will be in its place.

How To Get Invader Borderland 2 Cheats

In Borderlands 2, the Invader is gotten haphazardly from any reasonable location however has an expanded chance to drop from Saturn arranged in Arid Nexus – Badlands. In Borderlands: The borderland, Invader is produced randomly from any fit suited source.

Borderland 2 Cheats PC God Mode

Borderland 2 Cheats

Most importantly, God Mode cheat enactment comprises altering “WillowGame.ini” document, which is situated in the “Client/MyDocuments/My Games/Borderlands/WillowGame/Config” envelope. 

Inside this envelope, select the “WillowGame.ini” and open it with Notepad. From that point forward, search (Ctrl+F) for the line “bDemiGodMode=false” and revise it to “bDemiGodMode=true” (without quotes). Presently, click on Save (in the File segment, upper left of screen) and close it. Start Borderlands.

Yes, it is a cheat so enjoy being immortal! 

Borderland 2 key codes

Here are some of the simple key codes for both PC and Console. 

To Get 5 Golden Keys



To Get 3 Golden Keys


To Get 25 Golden Keys


Borderland 2 Shield Codes

These are some of the Borderland 2 cheats codes for shielding yourself from sudden deaths.

The Sham


Black Hole




Blast Proof



BL2(BwAAAA hPA ZEXqgAxEy2QFEBIQGhFjE/////////39YxP//WcQ=)

These Borderland 2 cheats engines will help you gain more immunity towards attacks.

Borderland 2 Console Commands List

Borderland 2 Console Commands List

These are some of the command lists for the game that will help you immensely.

Developer Commands

DeveloperUnlockAnAchievement [titleID]





DeveloperFreeLevels [numLevels]

DeveloperGiveCash [amount]

DeveloperGiveEridium [amount]

DeveloperCompleteAllChallengesToLevel [level]


OpenL [MapName]

Are Your Borderland 2 Console Commands Not Working

When you are trying to activate Borderland 2 cheats it is frustrating when your console commands suddenly stop working. This is the way to solve this problem.

The answer is actually pretty simple. This is probably happening because you haven’t activated the cheat borderlands 2. In order to do that.

You simple go to,

My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\

To End It

Borderland 2 cheats are a fun way to elevate your game experience and I have already said it before, it’s harmless!

SO, hopefully these borderland 2 steam cheats were able to solve your issue with the progression. Because, there is no fun being stuck.

Happy Gaming!

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Sharmita Shee

Sharmita Shee

Sharmita is one of the top contributors to onlinehealthmedia. She is a full-fledged member of online health media. Her articles are informative and aim to bring value to readers' lives. She is a contributor of Top preference , Smart Business Daily.

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