PUBG Maintenance – All You Need To Know

All multiplayer online games require maintenance from time to time. Maintenance is done to these games so that millions of gamers get a bug-free and smooth gaming experience. PUBG battleground is no exception. But some players report that they can’t play because of PUBG maintenance notifications.

What Kind Of Game Is PUBG?

What Kind Of Game Is PUBG

PUBG is an online, multiplayer, battleground type game. The PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary company of Bluehole, developed the game. Bluehole is a South Korean video game company. The game took inspiration from a Japanese film named Battle Royale(2000).

Why Do I Face Outages on PUBG?

Games like PUBG need regular maintenance. The developers must maintain the server on which the players play this game. So, a player might have to face temporary outages while the maintenance is taking place.

As you may already know, PUBG mobile and PUBG PC run on different servers. So you won’t be facing server down or maintenance issues on both of them simultaneously. This article tells you why you face outage issues in PUBG, On both PC and Mobile versions.

Why Isn’t PUBG Running?

Why Isn’t PUBG Running

Players keep on asking one question, why isn’t PUBG running? Or why can’t I play PUBG? They have reported that when they are trying to run PUBG on PC, only the background comes on display, and the game keeps on loading for an unspecified period. This is just because of PUBG maintenance.

What Is PUBG Maintenance?

All multiplayer games are played on a server, meaning all the players have to connect their devices to a system to play the game. So the developers must monitor and maintain the server so that the server does not crash.

For the above-mentioned reasons, PUBG maintains its servers so that the players do not have to face any problem playing the game. So it is a good thing to keep track of the tech-related updates.

How Is The PUBG Maintenance Done?

The developers make scheduled maintenance on PUBG. First, they check the system by putting heavy loads on the system. While running this process, the developers analyze if the system overload may cause any problem to the players’ experience.

When Does PUBG Maintenance Take Place?

There is no fixed schedule on which the game server will go under maintenance. Instead, the game developers plan out the whole procedure. Then they move towards maintenance. When the maintenance schedule is ready, the users get informed beforehand. 

This maintenance takes Place before the game is going to get a big update. And this is the reason why the game gets frequent updates. Any update on the vehicles or the maps requires back and system updates, and the maintenance makes that happen.

So, whenever you hear the news of PUBG getting an update, you should know that the server will go under maintenance.

How To Know The Schedule Of PUBG Maintenance?

Some players panic that they might miss out on a match or not be able to schedule a tournament because of the unexpected maintenance time. But don’t panic; PUBG maintenance is a pre-planned process.

PUBG announces the date and time for their scheduled maintenance before executing it. You will get a notification on the PUBG app on your device beforehand. When you launch the app, it will notify you regarding the date and time of the maintenance.

You can follow PUBG on social media, like Twitter and Facebook. They update the schedule of maintenance on their social media platforms.

Server Maintenance In PUBG KR:

Server Maintenance In PUBG KR

An Indian PUBG player knows that the game got banned in India. The players started to play the game on the Korean version as an alternative option for the time being. But they started to face network errors due to server maintenance. 

If you are playing PUBG Kr and you want this server maintenance issue fixed, follow the below steps-

  • Kill the PUBG Kr from the background.
  • Download Solo VPN for Android; it is on Google Play Store.
  • Select the South Korean server in the VPN app, click on connect afterwards.
  • Open the PUBG KR game on your phone and log in with your Facebook ID.
  • After the game starts, do not forget to disconnect from the Solo VPN app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common questions that you might also have in your mind. I hope the resolution stands on your expectations. 

  • How Long Are PUBG Servers Down For?

During maintenance, the servers of the PUBG game usually stay down for around 6 hours.

  • Why Does Pubg Maintenance Take So Long?

Servers of any game are hard to handle, servers are built with thousands of computers, and they are connected to even more devices. So naturally, server maintenance becomes a lengthy process as far as time is concerned.

  • How To Fix Servers Are Too Busy In PUBG?

You can solve this problem by changing the server region. You can also change the DNS configuration and the IP configuration.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

If you think that the sudden incident of maintenance was stopping you from getting that tasty chicken dinner, then this article contains valuable information about the PUBG maintenance timing, which may help you. So, don’t you forget to let me know what that chicken dinner tastes like?

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      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at

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