Top 10 Best GBA Games of all Time You Never Played Before

As they say, time flies; this fact carries so much truth. Just a while ago, there were no smartphones, and people could play several games on the game hardware line. That was in 1989; currently, people play games of their choice on smartphones without even having to involve anyone. This can be possible only due to the best GBA games.

However, back in time when there were no cell phones to use for playing games, people found great help in GBA machines. These machines had so many games, and if you were not lucky to enjoy some of these games, then too unfortunate.

There were so many best GBA games for everyone that kept people busy and enjoying their time.  Below we look at the top 10 best GBA games you probably never played before.

Top 10 Best GBA Games of all Time You Never Played Before:

10. Boktai: The sun is in your hand



There have been so few best GBA games that used probability as the main feature of the game.  Playing the game came with an inbuilt clock together with a solar sensor. The game itself revolved around a vampire hunting Boktai which required you to charge your weapons using solar energy.

The tricky part came in when the sun disappeared during the dark moments. Playing the game is very fun and also requires careful attention.

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9. Kirby & the amazing mirror

Kirby & the amazing mirror


This was another exciting game by the cap developer. The game involves a fantastic mirror that foregoes right to left to right while platforming action in favor of the Metroidvania style quest, which incorporates an enormous game world together with multiple kirbies.

It was exciting back then, and if you would like to play it even now, you could still get a copy.  It was formed to replace the much earlier 3dss adopters.

8. Car bottler Joe

Car bottler Joe


The car battler Joe got its inspiration from the mad max, and most people realize the importance of the game immediately they get it. In the game, the world is such a horrible place to be, which lies in ruins and civilization pockets with run-down villages.

In the game, car battlers earn their living by searching for scrapes in the wastes.  Apart from that, the car battlers also engage in deadly competitions that require so much care for survival. You will also find yourself in a complicated state where your father will be missing.

Through your investigations and rumors, you will establish that he hangs out with one of the most deadly car racing gangs. You must ensure to travel to every village trying to chat with locals to make sure you get your father safe and sound.

To do this, you will have to upgrade your car before taking on this job.  Even though the whole process might seem so complicated in the game, game battler Joe defies all the odds to finish the process with an explosion successfully.

7. Wario Land 4Wario Land 4


The Wario land 4 is a continuation of the series previously popular as the Mario land spin-off.  The game has continued to blossom to a form of its own garlic reeking, sneering, and treasure grabbing ultimately. Nintendo R& D1 developed the game. The game was released at a time when the GBA programmers’ prowess was at its best.

The Wario land 4 game is reminiscent of the golden platforming side. It is because of this reason that the title of the game is more traditional in comparison to the game titles.

6. Advance wars 2

Advance wars 2


Nintendo and intelligent systems emerged out of nowhere to come and own Game Boy Advance.  Most of the game lovers were always curious to try out through some of the Famicom wars together with Japanese history. However, the question to this was still where do they get these games.

However, just after a shorter period, the great news was delivered to them. The game was developed, and the users finally had something to cheer about.  The game advance wars 2 did so little in trying to copy the previous game-winning formula.

This game was one of the best games, as it had more characters that had more powers together with more advanced arenas of wars; hence, the name advance wars 2.

5. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis


This game has, for the most extended period, been a hidden game in the western world.  The game does not command much enthusiasm in Europe as final fantasies and final fantasies.  This game draws its inspiration from the Balkan conflicts of the year 1990.

The game was a creation of Yasume Matsuno, who laid the ogre battle foundations before moving on to develop the vagrant story.

Even though the game was designed after Matsuno had left the company, the firm is still trying to continue with the production of the game.

4. D.r Mario & Puzzle league

D.r Mario & Puzzle league


It is always so hard to get bored by a high level of innovation or by high durable inventive power.  People try out various things, some of which might even sound funny, to remain innovative or achieve change.

D.r Mario gives you so much room to try out innovation wherever you will be. The game developers at Nintendo considered the interest of their users by packing the game with extras.

3. Harvest Moon: Friends of mineral town

Friends of mineral town


The people who are synonyms with harvest moon know that the game packs a considerable admirable amount of charm. Since its inception, the game has continued to command a cult following in the SNES days.

2. The drill dozer

The drill dozer

Most people love Pokémon games just like they do with the next potential collector. It is also always interesting to see a series of creators freaking out while trying to create something new to add on the monster collectors it pumps out frequently.

The drill dozer game saw the end of the game freak. The game managed to attract more interest and following due to its exciting approach, which involved drilling everything around the users.

1. Metroid fusion

Metroid fusion


Most people loved the GBA because of this game. The game is so amazing most people who played the game found it interesting.


Listed above are the top ten best GBA games of all time. The games are so exciting and worth spending your time on. You can enjoy these games at your end as you want to enjoy some of the exclusive gaming as it is one of the best GBA games of all time. You have to make your choices in the correct manner to achieve your goals in the best possible manner.

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