Why Should You Implement Zero Trust For Your Business?

Companies that understand the importance of cybersecurity try different ways to make their corporate network more secure. Traditional data security measures include Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), Zero Trust Security, etc. company-provided devices with restricted access or firewalls.

But none of these measures are risk-free, and cybercriminals are able to get through them. That’s why data security professionals introduce businesses with a flawless cybersecurity approach, the Zero Trust Security Model.

What exactly is Zero Trust?

Until the emergence of the Zero Trust Security Model, businesses always tried to create a cybersecurity policy based on “trust.” Trust the employees, trust the company’s devices, or trust the IT team.

But unfortunately, Ponemon Institute’s 2022 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Report shows that the number of insider security breaches in the last two years increased by 44%, and their cost to companies was 33% more. So, business owners should be aware that “trust” creates significant risks to their corporate data.

Zero Trust Security is here to change this approach. This security model works by the principle “trust none, verify all” to eliminate human errors and all security flaws possible. The Zero Trust model ensures no access is granted before identifying the accessor with multiple methods.

In a traditional cyber security model, an employee would always have access to the corporate network after being authenticated for a single time. On the other hand, Zero Trust makes sure that access requests are handled one by one, and authentication takes place every time.

Zero Trust Security Model keeps corporate data safe from a breach, human error, or misuse thanks to this maximized identification process. By verifying all the devices or individuals every time and trusting none, this approach mitigates all the risks concerning cyber security.

Cyber security benefits of Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Zero Trust security model provides your company with the best cybersecurity method there is. Let’s see how the Zero Trust model can help you increase your cyber security policy and keep your company from data breaches and compliance issues.

1. Secure access to remote employees

Work from home is becoming more and more popular every day. Companies begin to benefit from the resource-saving qualities of the remote work model. As a business owner, you might also want to hire employees worldwide to cut costs and vary your workforce.

Of course, this is beneficial if you can secure remote access, which is a big if. Luckily, the Zero Trust model is able to secure remote access by verifying all your employees with several identification methods and not creating any security gaps on your cloud corporate network.

2. Complete GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is a must since any infringement on your customers’ personal data can cause legal issues to your company. Making sure your company is GDPR compliant can be challenging.

Zero Trust Security Model facilitates compliance in exchange for a small price. When compared to the price you will pay with your brand reputation and money in case of any legal issues, this price is more than reasonable.

3. Full control of your corporate network

With the Zero Trust Security Model, you will maximize your control over who can see, copy, and use your corporate network. In a traditional cyber security model where you grant access to all employees for any corporate information, your visibility is restricted.

But by allowing you to see every authentication and every piece of used corporate data, Zero Trust ensures full control on your corporate network.

Business benefits of Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Security Model is also beneficial for your business operations and IT department’s efficiency. Thanks to its maintenance-free and highest technology nature, a proper Zero Trust implementation from a reliable provider facilitates the corporate network security process.

1. Effortless cyber security system

A fully integrated Zero Trust Security Model makes your cyber security policy effortless. Provided that your company uses this approach on every part of your corporate network, your IT team doesn’t have to spend enormous amounts of time on cyber security. This will single-handedly increase their efficiency by making data security straightforward.

2. Safe adoption of cloud

Modern businesses use cloud-based networks one way or another. These networks are proved to be more effective as they are easier to maintain, backup, and use. If you also want to transfer your corporate network to the cloud but are concerned about the security risks, Zero Trust mitigates all the threats and ensures complete security.

3. Low-cost corporate network safety

Setting up a security model for your corporate network can be pricey if you use traditional methods. Most of these solutions include expensive hardware and a complicated setup process.

If you are a start-up with a limited budget, these restrictions may cause you to back down from taking security measures. Luckily, Zero Trust Security Model provides scalable, easy-to-implement, and affordable solutions that are sustainable for every business.

Trust none, maximize security with Zero Trust.

Implementing the Zero Trust Security Model is the best security measure you can take for your business. By changing the online security understanding that is based on trust, the Zero Trust model verifies every possible accessor every time they try to gain access.

This process ensures that your corporate data is not always visible to employees and mitigates the risk of a data breach. Considering the business and cyber security benefits of Zero Trust, this may be the one thing your company needs for maximized security.

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Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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