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The advent of digital platforms was a great thing, especially in a work-at-home environment. It has granted easier communication access in all parts of the globe, made sharing a breeze — and not to mention, it is always there when you need it. At the very least, that’s how it should be.

Whether it’s Yahoo, Teams, Slack, or Messenger, they have made sharing and acquiring information more accessible than ever. You could say it’s all down to these apps. Still, the Internet, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet is at the base of this radical improvement in the way people communicate. Businesses also require fast internet speed for this, as you can see on this page.

However, the Internet has not always been perfect. There are still numerous issues, including connectivity failures, blockages, lag content streams and downloads, and low speeds. It’s just not the service provider that is to blame, but the location and the number of people that connect, too. According to a data report, the Internet has 4.88 billion active users.

Given that the workforce has entirely shifted to a work-at-home setup, it’s not surprising that many more people use the Internet every day. Of course, the last thing you would not want is a weak signal that may affect your productivity, job, and entertainment. An extender can be a good booster if your Wi-Fi or Ethernet is not giving you faster speed.

What Is An Ethernet Extender?

What Is An Ethernet Extender?

An Ethernet Extender or “network” extender is commonly used to extend an Ethernet or network segment over greater distances than the limit of your device’s connectivity. If you don’t want to apply for another line of Ethernet, the best solution is to extend your connection first throughout the place. Typically, Ethernet can only transmit data for a distance of 100 meters, which can cause dead spots and lag connections in specific locations.

It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to fiber optic cable or other extenders because of its low installation and maintenance requirements.

Their design makes them simple to set up and use, and the majority of them are small enough to plug into a plug socket like a fan. In finding the best company for Ethernet cabling, it is best to choose reputable ones like Enable It for more powered connectivity. You won’t have to worry about lags and crashes anymore.

Aside, there are a lot more benefits when you have a fast, stable network. Here are some of them:

1. Improved Security

Cybercrime is one of the most prevalent criminal acts on the Internet. Small businesses suffer an annual average loss of $80,000, and even larger companies have lost millions of dollars because of cyber-attacks and insufficient surveillance security. Whether it is phishing, hacking, and other techniques, a slow system and internet connection can make you more vulnerable to them.

As a result, having a fast and secure Internet connection is highly recommended. This will aid in developing surveillance systems, allowing you to exercise greater control and protection against cybercrime. File management systems and security applications, in particular, require a fast network to function efficiently in a workforce.

2. Working Made Simpler

Working Made Simpler

Upgrading your network to a fast, stable connection through extenders means a stronger signal. Pages will load more quickly than the average speed of the Internet and require less page reloading if you have a high-speed connection. Because many people enjoy browsing the Internet with multiple tabs open, having a high-speed connection becomes a solution when you have a lot of workloads and sites to open.

An extender will not only provide a solution to your slow internet speed or areas where there is no connection, but it can also “boost” the signal. You are not required to get more ethernet lines that promise “faster” speeds and greater Mbp/s.

In fact, it helps in increasing productivity and in facilitating the movement of assigned tasks. It facilitates 24-hour communication through the use of technologies such as wireless devices and cellphones, which allow people to send and receive an email at any time of day or night.

In addition, stronger signals lead to better communication. Sharing in several applications can be more manageable. Also, sites would quickly load even if you’re streaming music or videos with high pixels. Downloading files or any other application can be quick, as well.

3. No More Dead Spots

A dead spot or dead zone is an area where Ethernet cannot provide a solid and stable internet connection due to technical limitations (link: Unreliable Wi-Fi, aggravating dead zones in the back of the house, and mysterious internet drop-outs are all too common for many people.

Even when the Wi-Fi has been turned on the entire time, the inconvenience of the zones appears in some places. It can be on your veranda, manager’s office, or your bedroom, where Wi-Fi is almost always required.

Furthermore, installing an Extender will ensure that even those dead spots are reached and a connection is established to that area. Extenders can be helpful if you’re finding that your home’s internet connection is becoming less reliable as more people come and log on to the network. Simultaneously, you can place the extender in the best spot in your home (near the router), so you can reach and connect to your network to all of your appliances.

4. Less Stress!

Last but definitely not least, the faster your connection is, the less stressful it would be for you. According to a new study, poor Internet speeds can add stress— something that sounds strange, but that anyone who has had to deal with slow internet speeds could presumably have experienced already.

The fact that videos buffer excessively and frequently does not make you alone in your frustration. This frustration is actually often comparable while watching a horror movie, according to Ericsson. Putting up with videos constantly buffering and web pages that take a decade to load, for example, is undoubtedly stressful. At the same time, it was discovered to increase our heart rates, too.

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Arina Smith

Arina Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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