How Many Lumens Do You Need For A Work Light? 

When working on any project, you’ll need some form of lighting source, whether it’s candles (hello, the 1800s), natural light (excellent for daytime or outdoor projects), or a lightbulb of some kind.

Candles are obviously reserved for romance in today’s culture, and lightbulbs are the most prevalent source of lighting. But determining what sort of work light or how many lumens is required isn’t always straightforward. 

How many lumens is a 60-watt bulb? The actual number of lumens required for your work light is determined by the size of your project, location, and working environment. Do you have an idea how many lumens is the sun? For the sun, the measurement is 93 lumens per watt.

If you want a complete garage lighting system, look for lights that provide 2000-10,000 lumens. 

You could assume that it doesn’t matter what sort of bulb you use in your office, but there are many elements to consider: wattage, bulb type, heat, battery life or power source, light dispersion, and, most importantly, lumens. 

How to Calculate Total Lumens Required Using the Lumen Method?

Lumen Method

How to measure lumens? Determine the size of a room using square footage. To calculate the square footage areas of a room, multiply the length by its breadth. If the space is 10 feet wide and 10 feet long, the square footage will be 100 square feet.

Determine the number of footcandles required for your application. The lighting needs differ based on the sort of room being illuminated, often known as the application. A bathroom or kitchen, for example, will need more foot-candles than a living room or bedroom. 

Following the determination of the planned use of your area, use this footcandle chart to determine the IES-recommended footcandle requirement for your application. 

Multiply the room areas by the square footage of the required footcandle count. For example, a 100-square-foot living room using 20 foot-candles would need 2,000 lumens. A 100-square-foot dining area with 40 foot-candles will want 4,000 lumens. 

Measure The Space 

A person taking measurements on a section of the floor

Larger rooms need more illumination than smaller areas. To determine how many lumens are required in a specific area, first measure the space. Here’s an easy formula for calculating square footage: 

Calculate The Length Of The Room 

Determine the width of the room.

Multiply the width of the room by the length of the room. This is the amount of space you have. 

Recognize Foot Candles 

A light bulb’s light beam on a wall

A foot candle is a measurement that indicates how brilliant a light source is from a one-foot distance. Understanding foot candles to lumens conversions will help you evaluate your personal lighting requirements. 

  • 80-100 foot candles for the workplace or garage
  • Workspaces in the kitchen: 70-80 foot candles
  • 70-80 foot candles for the bathroom
  • 60-80 foot candles for the home office
  • 30-40 foot candles in the dining room
  • 30-40 foot candles for the kitchen
  • 30-40 foot candles in the dining room
  • 10-20 foot candles for the living room
  • 10-20 foot candles for the bedroom
  • 5-10 foot candles for the hallway 

On average, workplaces need more foot candles. This is because greater illumination is often required in these places than in a bedroom or living room to complete duties. 

Please keep in mind that certain manufacturers may use the metric version, Lux. You can simply convert Lux to Footcandles by dividing the quantity of Lux by ten. (approximate). 

A space measuring 10″W x 10″L, for example, has an overall size of 100 square feet.

Industrial And Commercial Space Tips 

A business area with plenty of lights

Because of the sophisticated and often hazardous nature of the job being done, industrial environments frequently demand more lumens per square foot. In these areas, look for higher output like shop lights, wraparound commercial lights, LED troffers, and high bay lights. 

Many of the same light kinds may be used in commercial settings, such as retail shops. However, they may not need the same amount of lumens. However, since many retail venues have high ceilings and big rooms, your lumen requirements must be determined individually. 

Examine local regulations for determining the commercial lumens which are eligible for fulfilling the per-square-foot requirements and recommendations for your industrial facility. 

Have A Bright Workplace

The right lumens lighting can transform a room from dark and dull to bright and inviting. The Home Depot’s extensive lighting selection allows you to create spaces that are both stylish and functional.

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      Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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