Using Technology To Improve The Employee Experience

Communication. Collaboration. Synergy. Working together to accomplish a common goal. These are all things that your team should be able to do throughout their workdays. Unfortunately, sometimes employees become dissatisfied or unhappy with their working environment.

There are several reasons for this: poor management, unrealistic workloads, a lack of clear direction, and misunderstanding to name a few. Luckily, technology can be just the shot in the arm your company needs to help improve the employee experience.

Leveraging different technology tools to increase employee engagement, boost morale, and help with retention can be a great help to any struggling organization. But things might be in control with a streamlined employee experience platform. Given below are a few technological tools that can enhance employee experience. 

Here Are Five Technology Tools To Use For That Purpose:

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1. Social Recognition Platforms

Recognizing an employee for a job well done is a worthwhile pursuit. Not only is it a friendly gesture, but it goes a long way to improving their morale. People like to be recognized for a job well done. Recognition, on a large scale, can have positive effects.

Many companies use some type of social platform every day (like Slack, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams to name a few). Any platform that allows employees to share messages and comments publicly can be used for social recognition.

But sometimes there are better, more precise options that focus more on the recognition aspect than the communication aspect. Using such a social recognition platform can be a quick and easy means of empowering employees to recognize each other’s accomplishments.

Research has shown that social recognition can improve employee engagement and morale, so it only makes sense to implement a social recognition platform in your organization at the first available opportunity.

2. Virtual Check-ins

At most companies, check-ins with management probably don’t happen as often as they should. A check-in is a meeting between a manager and an employee to discuss the progress of the employee’s work.

It’s also a place to discuss goals, accomplishments, plans, and more to help an employee learn and grow. Managers should perform them more frequently, but usually don’t because they can be time-consuming. To get around this hurdle, consider using virtual check-ins as a replacement for the in-person ones that take up so much time.

It’s possible to do this with video conferencing. Most smartphones even have built-in technology that can accomplish this task. But programs like Zoom and Microsoft teams are useful for facilitating frequent check-ins. Use the right technology for the job and you can be working with your employees on a more personal level with ease.

3. Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are fast, cost-effective, and very easy to analyze. That’s only a small part of what makes them an excellent choice for getting regular employee feedback. It’s important to know how your employees feel—especially if you can ask them on a weekly or monthly basis.

With pulse surveys, the administration is a breeze. They’re reliable, consistent, and can be a boon to both managers and employees. Managers have the option to automate them, too, making it a low-maintenance tactic for understanding your employees.

On the tech side of things, you can use the built-in data science and analytics of a survey platform to filter, assess, and manage your pulse surveys every time you send them out.

4. Anniversary Recognition Emails and Messages

If you want to build a strong team, recognizing their accomplishments—and their anniversaries—is important. Most employees fondly remember their first day or an important milestone in their business. Remembering those days is important for the employee.

That’s why setting alerts and reminders to address employee anniversary recognition and awards is a good business move. Recognizing an anniversary shows employees you’re paying attention, that you care, and that you want them to do well at your organization.

It boosts morale and creates an overall environment of friendliness/family rather than the dreary, emotionless atmosphere in which milestones are not recognized. Taking the time to even send an email or a message to the team about an anniversary can go a long way toward boosting employee engagement and morale across the board.

5. Rewards Systems

Rewards are a great way to help employees feel valued. Everyone likes to be rewarded for their work. When employees receive incentives and rewards for a job well done, 85% of them tend to stick with the company longer and perform much better.

Incentives can be a good thing. So, implementing a rewards program alongside its recognition program can be a great boost to your company’s productivity and employee engagement.

Think about it this way: if employees can recognize anybody at any time for any reason, those employees can then build up points. Those points can be used to spend at a company “store” to help them. Although there are many types of rewards you can offer, here are a few to consider:

  • A gift card
  • A gift certificate for something the employee loves (like coffee or books)
  • A token of appreciation
  • Some extra PTO
  • A work from home day
  • Branded clothing
  • Music subscriptions
  • Coffee memberships
  • Mugs

While the different types of rewards and incentives you can offer your employees can vary by your organization, taking the time to implement the program using an existing technology platform is critical to helping create a positive atmosphere for your workers.

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      Arnab Dey

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      Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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