3 Mistakes to Avoid when You Hire a Backend Developer

Hiring a backend developer can be a headache for many companies. Why? First, a backend developer is an on-demand job, so every IT company out there will look for one, and they will try to find the best candidates to work for them. So, it will get more difficult for you to hire a backend developer for your company if you need to compete with other companies. This is the reason you need to know how to hire a backend developer.

Second, there are plenty of people with backend development skills looking for a job, even more so for fresh graduates, but it will be difficult for you to pick the best out of the bunch. You might think that you’ve hired some good backend developers, but it might surprise you that these people lack the experience you need, which can be problematic if you need to complete your projects as soon as possible.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when you hire a backend developer:

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when you hire a backend developer:

1. Not Conducting a Proper Assessment and Code Reviewing

Hiring backend developers, even more so for the long-term projects in your company, requires a meticulous process. You can’t just pick the ones ready to work for your company and neglect to conduct some assessment tests for them. Many companies make mistakes when hiring backed developers just by looking at their CV. It’s not enough, as their CV means nothing if you can’t use their skills and apply them to the projects you need to complete right now.

Businesses need to consider the needs and requirements for backend developers they are looking for. Then, they need to conduct a proper assessment and code reviewing to check the candidates’ skills. You will need to assess their skills with some tests and examine how they write their codes to ensure that they write neat codes for your projects. It will help you find sound backend engineers to work for you for the long term.

2. To Hire Backend Developer with Lack of Specialization

2. To Hire Backend Developer with Lack of Specialization

Another mistake you might make when you hire a backend engineer is that you don’t require any type of specialization from your candidates. Remember, backend development is a job that requires various specializations.

You need several people with different fields to work on specific tasks needed for each programming language. You can’t expect them to be the master of all the programming languages available today, as each programming language requires a considerable amount of time to learn and master.

There are many programming languages a backend developer can learn. Still, they might only learn the basics of each programming language until they decide to specialize in one or a few programming languages of their choice.

Just hiring a backend developer that has the basic knowledge of all the programming languages is not enough. You need to find the one with a specialized skill in specific programming languages related to the projects you need to complete, aside from handling the basics or intermediate tasks involving all other programming languages.

Additionally, it’s important to seek the assistance of experts in the hiring process, especially when considering talents for specialized roles; this is particularly crucial when hiring in China, where having local expertise can be highly beneficial.

3. Not Considering the Teamwork

It’s important to note that your backend developers for hire need to work together as a part of the entire process within your company.

They will need to work together within their team, and they also need to work with the front-end developers and other teams from other departments in your company. Sometimes, they will need to work together to solve specific issues. So, the candidates you are hiring need to work as part of the team.

Teamwork is vital for any project to get completed well, so your backend developers need to work as a team and cooperate with other people in their team to achieve your company’s goals. You need to ensure that your candidates will work as part of your team, and they need to put on their skills to work on various tasks with other team members.


Avoid these mistakes when you hire backend developers for your company. It’s easy to pick the wrong backend developers for your team, considering how on-demand this job is and how many people with this skill are looking for employment in various companies. So, you will meet with plenty of potential candidates wanting to work with your company, and it will be pretty tricky for you to decide when you need to hire a backend developer for your company.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will at least eliminate the possibility of hiring the wrong backend developers. It might take more time for you to find good people with the required skills, but you will not be disappointed once you find them.

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