Team Trees Challenge – Americans Fight Deforestation in US

Deforestation has been one of the biggest threats to our ecosystem. Trees are the lungs of our planet, and it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that our climate is changing due to things such as deforestation. With trees being cut down every year in thousands, we risk creating a serious climate disbalance that could have disastrous consequences.

But things are looking bright as younger generations seem to be more aware of the nature that surrounds us and its effects on our quality of life. There have been numerous movements so far that aim to increase the number of trees. One of them is currently trending in the US and is supported by numerous companies and individuals.

Team Trees Challenge


Team Trees (aka TeamTrees or #TeamTrees) is a challenge created by popular YouTubers called MrBeas and Mark Rober. Many other YouTubers decided to join and support this challenge that collects money and sends it to the Arbor Day Foundation — an organization that focuses on planting trees.

The idea behind the Arbor Day Foundation is to plant one tree for every $1 they receive through donations. The challenge is to receive a total of $20 million and plant 20 million trees. According to the officials of the foundation, they will start with the planting process in January 2020 and will need approximately three years to complete the task.

Companies Join

Many companies and businesses in the US liked the idea of making their environment greener. For example, helps to plant trees with Team Trees Campaign in its own way. In short, businesses find ways to make their line of work useful for the cause and make it eco-friendly, supporting the #TeamTrees challenge that has become so popular.

Biggest Donations

Apart from companies, some individuals have also decided to support the cause. Many of them are influential figures working in the tech sector. The biggest donation so far was made by Tobias Lütke, the CEO of Shopify, who donated a total of $1,000,001.

Now, the reason why he added that $1 was to top the donation made by Elon Musk, the most popular entrepreneur at the moment. Also, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX made a donation of $1 million. Therefore, the two businessmen alone have already donated $2 million, which means the project is definitely going to be a success.

Other notable people who joined the cause include Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce ($900,000), Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube ($200,000), Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter (made two donations $150,000 and $200,000), Jean-Michel Lemieux, the CTO of Shopify ($100,100), etc.

Apart from people, a notable donation was made by the game Plants vs. Zombies. The officials behind this popular mobile app donated a total of $500,000 collected in an in-game event. Finally, a Danish real estate company called Elf Development A/S made a donation of $250,00.

How Can You Help?

Looking at all these numbers, you probably wonder how you can support the challenge yourself. Surely, we don’t have thousands of dollars just waiting around waiting to be donated to support planting trees and avoid deforestation. However, we can always chip in with as much as we can to make our planet greener and have a better place to live and avoid deforestation.

If you happen to live outside the US, you can support your local community bt donating funds. Ultimately, you can always volunteer in an organization to help others. Such as the Arbor Day Foundation and become the one who plants trees yourself.

As of December 7, a total of $17.4 million has been raised. That means, meaning that the $20 million goals will definitely be met by the end of the year. Although it’s too early to consider the project a success, it’s definitely on a good path to become one.

Once the money is collected, it’s Arbor Day’s turn to organize the task. The task of planting 20 million trees all over the US. According to them, that number of trees will take up approximately 180 square kilometers of land.

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