Things to Avoid in Online Escape Games

While playing escape games, you should avoid making some common mistakes. Every escape room is designed differently by developers. It is a common thing that you should remember while playing in an escape room. To complete the escape room challenges, you should use different clues and keys for puzzle solving. You should follow some authentic etiquette while playing escape games online. So, we are here to help you avoid some common mistakes while playing escape games, and we will also mention how you should avoid making these mistakes.

Here are some common mistake while playing escape games:

You are not alone:

You are not alone

Always remember that you are not alone when you are going to enter fun online escape rooms. Before playing in escape rooms, you should select a strong team leader. Remember that more than one leader will lead your team down. The most important thing is to work together and respect the ideas of every team member.

Trust on your teamwork:

Teamwork is about trust, and you should solve the puzzles in the escape room together and support every team member’s ideas. You will save time in the escape room while playing and solving riddles together. Remember that while playing in escape rooms, patience and polite words would encourage the team members, and these two things are beneficial, especially when you are stuck.

Don’t use your phones:

Do not use your mobile phone while playing because Google will not help you. Most escape rooms don’t allow carrying the phones in the escape room, but some escape rooms allow it. Keep your phones in your pocket or bags. To solve the puzzles, you should use your brain.

Don’t play under the influence:

Enter in a fresh and good mood because your brain will not work with as much capacity as you need to solve the puzzles in the escape room if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you are under the influence of drugs, then many escape rooms will not allow you to enter and play the escape room games.

Follow the rules:

While playing the games in the escape room, you should follow the instructions because there are no escapes without rules. They are not only for safety and security, but these rules also ensure your winning in escape games. Don’t try to break the escape room rules. Keep an eye on every single picture on the wall or underneath the carpet.

Look carefully around the room:

Look carefully around the room

During solving the puzzles in the escape room, you should look carefully around the room because every game’s clue is hidden in the escape room by your gamemaster. Never miss even a single corner of the room. Keep a wide-open eye on everything in the room. Check the furniture, the walls, the color, and the corner of the room. It will be helpful to think rapidly and solve the puzzles without time wastage.

Don’t be overdress:

You will not escape the room for selfies, so don’t be overdressed while entering the room. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable. You will be unable to focus on games in an escape room. So, overdressing for escape rooms is a stupid thing.

Don’t waste your time:

You have 60 minutes to get yourself free from the room. Don’t lose even a single minute. Try to move quickly and solve the puzzles as fast as possible.


To escape the room within the required time, you should follow the above tricks and tips. I hope you will have the best time in escape rooms. In the end, the last thing we say is Good Luck!

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