What’s New In League Of Legends Season 13: Pets In The Jungle

With the coming of season 13, there has been a ton of hype. And all the hype is most certainly warranted. There are a ton of changes coming to the game.

Since the inception of the league of legends, there have been so many items, champions, and abilities. You will be pleased to know that some of our favorites have come back to the league of legends!

Many items have received powerful reworks, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they relate to the meta. The massive jungle league of legends wallpaper will most likely also see a significant change in the strat used by teams within it.

The addition of jungle pets or “buddies” is also something unlike what we have seen before and is worth getting to know about. If you want an account that has access to all these features, you can buy LoL smurf accounts from Chicks Gold. Let’s jump into it!

The Jungle And Pets

The Jungle and Pets

We all know that the league of legends, the jungle, has a ton of mobility, it is very easy to move around and get to where you want to be. It is now so more than ever, with a few minor changes to the structure. 

Additionally, the jungle is way more colorful now, with the saturation having been amped up to 9000! It might be a little painful to look at after a while – but everyone loves it so far. Some other minor changes have been made to the look and aesthetics, such as the ping bar looking a bit cleaner now.

Now for probably the most exciting addition: jungle pets. You have three buddies to choose from before you play; these are Blue (not a fox), red (not a wolf), and green (not a frog). Each of these has its own unique purpose and abilities. We will take a more in-depth look at the blue and skim over the others for a general overview.

The blue fox gives you the ability to take 30% less damage from epic monsters when 2 or more ally champions are nearby. Additionally, you gain a 35% increased movement speed. The movement speed decays in two seconds when entering brush and increases to 60% when killing large monsters. Once you summon this critter, it has to fully grow before it can have these effects, as is the case for other pets.

The red wolf will give a slow and-burn effect to enemies once it has grown, and the green frog gives 20% tenacity and slow resistance to enemies. All of these can be useful if used in the right places.

Treats For Pets

Treats For Pets

Another little thing added by riot is the ability to give treats to your pets. Treats are gained from killing large monsters. You can give them up to 40 treats which let them unlock new abilities. You can see the league of legends images to know which types of treats are available for the pets and which you are offering.

Based on the number of treats, your companion empowers your champion with smite and new effects. For example, once you give the blue fox 20 treats, it upgrades your smite to deal 900 damage and can be cast on enemy champions to deal “true damage” and slow them down.

When you give your companion 40 treats, it reaches adulthood which grants it to use its unique bonus effects. You can upgrade your smite again to back into the deal with 1200 damage to the primary non-champion target and 50% damage. It is all near enemy targets. Large monsters are worth one point, while epic monsters are worth 3.

A Quick Rundown Of New Items

Quick Rundown Of New Items

Firstly, the Archangel’s staff has been reworked. It no longer gives you additional HP but haste, and the league of legends ability power has increased from 60 to 100.

Other items added or reworked are:

  • Icathia’s endurance
  • Radiant virtue
  • Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Goliath’s ascendancy
  • Rod of ages and
  • Spear of Shojin

The most notable changes include the Spear of Shojin being back, its attack deals 60% damage for melee champions and 30% for ranged ones. And physical damage to other enemies with

150 units of the target hit. And also Rod of ages, with a new 60 ability power.

Closing Off

The new look, dynamic, and feel of the jungle are going to radicalize the gameplay for this season. It is important to learn how to utilize your pets and the new items in league of legends effectively. I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to get there. Enjoy grinding! You can share your league of legends watching experiences with us through the comment sections.

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Arnab Dey

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Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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