How to Delete Your Google Search History

The search data of Google can be a private thing. While Google key has the intent of recording all your keystrokes, you might have several reasons as to why you do not want your site to maintain the memory of what you type in the search. The ever-expanding list has a lot of people realizing personal data is not as secure as they thought. Customers are seeking for ways to limit their exposure online and take proactive measures that protect them and their data.

One method of beginning to take control of online data is by minimizing ways that advertisers and other firms store and track data they have on you. To delete Google search history is one way of limiting the amount of data you are allowing to be collected on you online. Even though you are somebody that is using the hidden web browser from Google, you are still not being exclusively anonymous online.

The truth is that there are certain web browsers in the market besides Google and they are also well known. One instance of an engine prioritizing the privacy of users is the DuckDuckGo. It is a Google which does not trace and track you online.

Although the push for additional transparency over the internet is gaining in traction with new companies, if you are among those people making millions of queries every day from Google, the chances are that you may want to delete Google search history or your history online.

Deleting your browsing history does not eliminate all the data Google has about you. You have to remove specific info like map activity if you have turned on location history.

Even when you choose to delete some or all of your activity, Google maintains recorded data about how you used the browser concerning the deleted data. When you search for something, it keeps a record of your search at a particular date and time; but not what you searched for as per the website of the company.

Unlike other tech firms, Google states that it will delete associated data with the account after eradicating it. Apart from using different browsers, the easiest thing to do to make sure that the future of your online activities cannot be tracked is to select ‘Stop Saving Activity’ while adjusting your settings on Google.

How can you turn off your Google Activity?

  • On the computer, get to Activity Controls

get to Activity Controls


  • Turn the activity you do not want to save off
  • Select pause to confirm

You need to remember that if you delete Google search History, all the passwords you have saved will get wiped also; therefore, you will have to log in anew to all sites that had their passwords saved. Since you have been using Google for thousands of times during your life, if you have an interest in deleting your search in Google and the browser history, you can use the steps below;

How can you delete your Google browser history?

You need to make sure that you have signed into the Google account from the beginning. The instructions will differ depending on the machine you are using, but Google possesses guidelines for all types of tools.

  • On the computer, open Google Chrome
  • On the top, click on More
  • Click on History
  • On the left side, click on clear browser history; a box will show up
  • From its drop-down menu, choose how much history you would like to delete. If you want to clear everything, select the beginning of time.
  • Check boxes for the data you would like Chrome to clear, including browser history. There are many types of data in the browser for you to delete.
  • Click on clear browsing data
  • How will you delete Google search history?

Delete Your Google Search History

  • Get to “My Activity” on the computer
  • On the top side of the page, select more and choose delete activity by.
  • Choose ‘Delete by date,’ and select All time on the down arrow.
  • Choose delete
  • In case you wish to delete specific activities or items, you can do that in the ‘My Activity’ section.
  • Browse By Date
  • On top of the page on the right, select more and then Item View
  • Use or search filters.

Remember this, even though it is a pain, read the fine print if possible. If you need help in deciding if you have to check the box of agreeing on any website, you can employ services of that rates the service and terms agreements of companies based on customer friendliness and transparency for you to make informed decisions.

You need to know the consequences of disabling and deleting your Google Search History. Google, by default, personalizes your results in search based on the activities of search. In case you are searching for recipes and click on links from particular websites and not other different sites, Google will rank those sites higher in the search results up each time to search for recipes.

If you disable or delete Google search history, your returning results in search will be less specific and broader to you. Therefore, particular sites will not show up on top of results, although they are your favorite websites.

Disabling and deleting Google history will not make you invisible to the search engine

If you disable or delete google search history, you do not become invisible to Google, especially when you have a Google account that uses various services and apps on Google like YouTube and Gmail.


The truth is that it is quite impossible to be invisible entirely to Google. However, you can be prudent. Begin by eliminating all services and apps from daily use online. You can also use the search engine that does not track your activities online like Startpage, Ixquick, and DuckDuckGo. However, if you want to be invisible entirely on Google, delete Google search History or avoid using the internet altogether.

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Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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Arina Smith

Arina Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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