Destiny 2, Classes, Leveling, And Weapons For Beginners

To begin to feel confident in Destiny 2, you need to play many hours to understand the basic mechanics of your class, and perhaps understand that you need to create another character.

The guide will help beginners to better understand the specifics of each character, how to loot weapons and armor, how to upgrade and the basics of raids and strikes, participation in PVP, and skill development.

What players need to know about Destiny 2:

  • Pumping
  • Classes
  • Skills and focus
  • Dungeons and Raids


The main goal in Destiny 2 is pumping, because with new levels the character opens up new, stronger skills, access to new locations and raids, enhances the main characteristics and gains access to new equipment and weapons.

There are several ways to pump:

Quest – the player is trained and sent to the main city to gradually take on the tasks of local residents and complete them, earning experience, new equipment, and glitter.

Contracts – in the main city, any player can take their first contracts – tasks from NPCs that are related to the main game actions. You need to kill certain monsters, use the specified weapons, kill in the head, and do other tasks. The new contracts will require glitter and are essentially an exchange of money for the experience. Tasks are daily, weekly, and monthly.

Destiny boost is a way of pumping when a character is transferred to a professional player for its accelerated development and achievement of the desired level. For such tasks, VPN is used and the safety of personal data is guaranteed.



Strong and hardy wars with an increased defense parameter. Wears heavy armor and aims to protect allies.

Uses a shield that blocks all direct damage, but is vulnerable to back attacks and grenades.

Dangerous in close combat due to his steel fists. With the right pumping, there will be a semi-DD that can damage opponents and protect your comrades.

Not a single raid goes through without a titan in the team, any other class will die even from half the damage that a titan can withstand without even losing part of its health.


A mixture of shooters and magicians in the world of fantasy shooters. Uses firearms and various healing and buffing magic for allies, and debilitating and damaging magic for enemies.

Uses AoE skills that help him in combat and deal heavy damage, making him very effective in raids and strikes.

With proper pumping, the damage will be enhanced due to one of the main directions.

According to the game plot, Warlocks are travelers and explorers who have dedicated their lives to serving the light and fighting the darkness in all its manifestations.


Stealthy ranged warrior. Dangerous in close combat thanks to grenades, tricks, and a dagger, which easily launches into battle.

When properly leveled, the Hunter deals massive damage in one well-aimed shot like a master sniper.

In raids, the hunter is useful for shooting armored targets and damaging the boss. and in PvP successfully eliminates enemy Warlocks and other hunters with proper skill. He can also cope with a titan if he fusses to outsmart him and go around in the back.

Skills and focus

There are three types of development directions for each class – Sun, Lightning, and Void.

Depending on the chosen direction, both the type of damage and the effects of the skills that the characters use will depend.

There can be many schemes and options – I will give a few examples:

Hunter – sun – thanks to the power of the sun, the hunter creates energy and concentrates it in one accurate and strong shot that will cause huge damage to an armored target, or to a boss.

Titan – Lightning – Titan is a protector and a deterrent, he must be approached closely so that he uses close combat and a good titan will not always put his fists into battle, because his task is to hold a shield and be a stronghold of defense.

But with the power of lightning, everything changes – the Titan can use massive lightning attacks at close range and deal heavy damage to enemies nearby without sacrificing his defense and the safety of the group.

Warlock – Void – The power of the void can complement the already strong multi-target damage that the Warlock uses. Void magic makes it very effective in dungeons when fighting many monsters at different distances.

Dungeons and Raids

Raids are an interesting activity where the main task is to defeat strong bosses with different mechanics and the opportunity to get unique and the best armor and weapons.

Players unite in groups, and the most difficult – mythical dungeons will require at least 15 people in the squad that will pass the raid.

You need to prepare for the raid and accumulate special ammo that will strengthen the characters. Fortunately, such ammo often drops when hunting, so it will not be difficult to accumulate them.




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Sumona is the publisher for TechTrendsPro. In terms of professional commitments, she carries out publishing sentient blogs by maintaining top to toe on-page SEO aspects. Follow more of her contributions in SmartBusinessDaily and RealWealthBusiness

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