Samsung Watch Bands: Top 10 Best Samsung Watch Bands

Samsung Galaxy Watches have become very popular now. With this generation preferring the use of digital smartwatches instead of analog ones, you should get one too. However, you should also learn which are the best Samsung Watch bands. 

Read this article till the end to learn about the best bands that you can use to enhance the look and feel of your Samsung galaxy watch!

Top 10 Best Samsung Watch Bands

The best Samsung Watch Bands in the market right now that will be great in 2023 are:

1. EverAct Silicone Bands (Samsung Galaxy Watch 4)

Price: $14.99

Samsung Watch Bands

One of the highest-rated Samsung Watch Bands in the market right now is the EverAct Silicone Band. Built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, this watch band is made with silicone which appears super soft and highly flexible. Additionally, these bands are very easy to attach to the watch since they have quick-release spring bars for easy adjustment.

Available in 12 different colorsFitting issues on large wrists
Easy installation and adjustmentManu users complained about bands breaking 
Breathable and flexible silicone bandSeveral packaging issues
Waterproof bands

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Fabric Band

Price: $39.99

If you want official Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands, then you can go with this Fabric band. Available in various Samsung stores, this band has a very clever design that makes it stay firm on your wrist. Made with Nylon in a weaving design, you will find it pretty comfortable to wear. In addition, it has an intuitive hook-and-loop system to fasten it to the watch.

Made with comfortable, high-quality NylonExpensive than other bands
Easy to use hook and loop fastenerAvailable in very few colors
Looks professional

3. Samsung Hybrid Fabric Band (Samsung Galaxy Watch 5)

Price: $14.99

Samsung Watch Bands

If you own the newest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, then I would suggest buying the Samsung Hybrid Fabric band. If you want to go green (in an eco-friendly way, not color-wise), then this will suit your preferences accordingly. Made with hybrid plastic and fabric, it’s sweat-resistant, making it one of the best Samsung Watch bands for summer. Plus, its metal clasp makes it fit perfectly.

Made with eco-friendly plastic and fabricAvailable in only 4 colors
Allergy and sweat-resistantMight not feel premium due to the use of recycled plastic
Amazing dual-tone design with a textured finish

4. Selteurone Silicone Sport

Price: $13.99

Samsung Watch Bands

If you like swimming and prefer wearing your Samsung Galaxy Watch underwater, then this watch by Selteurone will fit perfectly. Made with waterproof and sweat-proof silicone, this Samsung Watch band is perfect for summer because of its breathable materials. Additionally,  the quick-release pin makes it one of the best Samsung Active 2 watch bands.

Flexible buildPretty basic design
Made with waterproof siliconeIt must tear easily due to its use of lightweight materials
Available in many colors
Best watch band for workout sessions

5. Olytop Elastic Bands

Price: $17.99

Samsung Watch Bands

If you want comfortable and textured Samsung watch bands, you cannot go wrong with this band by Olytop. Available as a 4-pack set, these breathable nylon bands are pretty comfortable and easy to wash as well. You can easily swap this band with other bands because of its spring bar mechanism.

Made with waterproof siliconeIts spring bar mechanism is unreliable since users complained about the pins falling off.
Comfortable fit
Long lasting and durable build

6. Barton Quick Release Top Grain Leather

Price: $28.99

If you want high-quality Samsung Watch Bands with a premium feel to them, purchase this Barton Samsung Watch Leather band. One of the best features of this watch is its use of quick-release pins to make wearing and swapping easier. The quality of this band is top-notch because of its use of top-grain leather fitted with a stainless steel buckle. When you wear this watch, it feels smooth on your skin and looks fine too!

Premium leather design with steel buckleMore expensive than other bands
Available in lots of colorsNot waterproof and sweat-proof
Made with high-quality and long-lasting leather

7. Lerobo Silicone Sports Wristband

Price: $5.94

If you are a proud member of the LGBTQ community, then you must buy this pride Samsung watch 4 band. Made by Lerobo, this is one of the cheapest bands on this list. It has its pride colors on display in full glory, which looks pretty colorful without being over the top. In addition, its sweat-proof and waterproof silicone bands make it easier for sweaty workout sessions as well.

One for the Pride community!Not supported on any watch before Samsung Galaxy Watch 4The buckle is made with cheap metal, as reported by many dissatisfied users
It looks pretty colorful with various color optionsNot supported on any watch before Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Made with sweat-proof and waterproof siliconeThe buckle is made with cheap metal, as reported by many dissatisfied users
Pretty cheap

8. Ritche Silicone Watch Band

Price: $17.91

If you want interesting patterns and textures on your Samsung Galaxy watch bands, then Ritche has answered your call. This silicone band with diamond designs looks amazing and feels premium as well. This watch sports a rubber loop to fasten the band to your watch. Plus, this band is waterproof and sweat-proof as well, making it perfect for men on the go.

It has a premium designConnector pins are pretty flimsy
Waterproof silicone bandPin holes on the band tear after a month or two, according to many customers
Available in multiple colors
Available in two different lengths
Stainless steel buckle

9. Arsfit Fancy Band

Price: $9.99

If you want the best Samsung Galaxy 5 watch bands for girls, you cannot go wrong with Arsfit Fancy Band. This watch band has 12 different eye-popping designs, which are also available in glow-in-the-dark variations as possible. If you like colorful and flowery designs that make you feel like one, go buy this Samsung watch band now!

Premium durability and comfortDoesn’t look professional
Available in various designsSpecifically caters to women
Pretty cheap

10. Samsung Milanese Band

Price: $99.99

If you want premium comfort and design directly from Samsung for their Samsung Watch Bands, this is it. Made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, this band has a unique mesh design that looks great on your wrist. The mesh is also pretty comfortable to wear.

Moreover, it has a magnetic buckle to ensure that it never slides off your wrist.

Super smooth and comfortable mesh designSuper expensive
It looks pretty professional and attractive
Magnetic buckle for enhanced grip

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Samsung watch band users have asked many questions like

Q1. Do All Samsung Watches Use The Same Bands?

No, all Samsung watches do not use the same bands. They have different styles and specifications for each watch band. 

Q2. Can You Replace Samsung Watchbands?

Yes, you can replace the Samsung watch bands with another band. However, you have to ensure that they fit.

Q3. How Long Does A Leather Watchband Last?

A watchband will last for quite some time, depending on its quality and the material it’s made with. 

Q4. Watchband VS Smartwatch – Which Is Better?

Users say that Smartwatches are better because of a sturdier watch band and a bigger screen or dial on top. 


Samsung Watch bands are in high demand right now. With the success of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, it’s more important now. 

Therefore, I would recommend these watch bands for you to buy for your Galaxy watch. All of these are great options that provide the maximum quality and design.

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