What Is The Difference Between a CCTV Camera Kit and a CCTV System?

When looking for the perfect security system, it’s important to understand the different options available to you.

The industry offers a unique set of solutions based on what works best for your particular setup. This includes the two being looked at in this article – CCTV camera kits and CCTV systems.

They both sound like the same thing but there are subtle differences to account for.

Here is a look at what the differences entail and which one might work best for your needs.

Differences Between CCTV Camera Kits and CCTV Systems

1. Single Device Connection:

Single Device Connection

The first difference that is going to be noticeable right away will be the main hub.

The CCTV system is going to have a single connection that is going back to one device on-site. This is okay for businesses because most of the footage is going to be kept in one place. However, this also restricts how much access is available when you are not near the device.

On the other hand, you can have multiple access points with a newer CCTV camera kit and it is not going to be reliant on a singular connection that is running through the property.

2. Cabled Connection:

This is one clear distinction that is noteworthy when it comes to the two options.

A CCTV camera kit is going to be wireless and that is going to allow you to set it up wherever you please as long as it is within range.

On the other hand, a CCTV system is going to be fully connected and cabled. This is a difference-maker as it provides seamless footage but it also reduces the placement options that are available to you.

This is a detail to think about when it is time to make the investment and find a good fit.

3. Loading Times:

This is another difference that is pointed out by experts when comparing the two options.

A CCTV camera kit is going to have a slower loading time as it is wireless. This means there is going to be a lag that is dependant upon the connection in place.

This is essential to keep in mind because a lot of systems have to be used regularly and these subtle delays can make a difference when storing footage. With CCTV systems, it is more of an old-fashioned approach that is faster.

This means the cable that is running to the specific hard drive is going to store everything in seconds. It is seamless and that is an advantage for some businesses.

However, it does limit accessibility, which is something that does get in the way for those who are not always on-site to take a look at the footage. If that is something you find to be important then it doesn’t always make sense to have a wired setup.

The loading times aren’t always an issue as long as the kit has been set up the right way.

Final Thoughts: 

In the end, the right option is going to be the one that is in line with how you are going to be using the setup during the day.

If you are going to be on-site, it is a lot easier to work with the CCTV system while others are going to prefer a more versatile CCTV camera kit to integrate with other devices. It is going to depend on what you are after as a user.

Both are world-class options as long as you are taking the time to go with the right one. Stay patient, look at your options, and ensure you find the right fit.

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