A Review of Globex Outreach as a Link Building Agency

Globex Outreach has been working in the industry for over 14 years. They are a full-fledged digital marketing agency, but they particularly excel when it comes to link building and guest posting.

They claim to be one of the most resourceful companies that offer the most competitive service at the cheapest rates. You see all services and packages at the website of Globex Outreach. This article reviews how much of it is true and discusses their services and execution in detail.

Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service

Your interaction happens with their sales team. Whether you contact them through their website or email address, you will get a response from one of their salespeople. They are supposed to answer as soon as they get a query and they work 24/7 for customer service. This means they are always ready on their mobile phones to answer all your queries.

They have a system to even monitor the performance of this sales team to make sure every lead gets the fastest reply and answers to all his queries. You will be first asked to tell about your requirements. For example, about your niche and the kind of backlinks you need. If you are there for guest posting, they will even share a list of niche-relevant websites to choose from.

You will be provided an accurate cost estimation right away and they are always offering some sort of discount. If you go through a reference, you can get 5% off on your first project.

Websites for Guest Posts

Websites for Guest Posts

One of their unique selling points is the list of websites they offer for guest posts. They have the largest network of bloggers from all around the world. No matter what niche you choose, they have that specific website in almost every domain authority. They claim to have over 10 thousand websites with a DA ranging from 20 to 90+.

Basically, you can choose any website of any country, niche, and DA. Globex is one of the very few digital marketing agencies that can actually get you backlink from premium websites that have a DA of 80 or higher. They have published guest posts for many of their clients on websites like Forbes and Search Engine Round Table.

This means you can get thousands of guest posts from just this one agency without having to contact anyone else. They will take over your campaign for you and ensure that it is completed within time without any setbacks.

Globex doesn’t take a lot of time in publishing the guest posts because they are already partners with all their websites. Its outreach team has made deals with those bloggers and they are always in contact with them. If you were to contact the publishers yourself, you will have to communicate through emails, the slowest mode of communication, and negotiate a deal. They already have a proper setup and they just need to forward the article to the publisher, and it gets done.

In-House Content Team

In-House Content Team

Content is often the most underrated part of a link-building campaign. Many SEO professionals think that any filler content is enough to make backlinks legit. They just get the content written for the bot of search engines. However, they forget the real purpose of backlinks.

A backlink is considered a vote of confidence and a gateway for your prospects to visit your website. Some low-quality filler content is not going to get you any clicks. Traffic coming through a backlink shows search engines that it’s a quality link that actually offers value to its viewers.

It takes a lot of time and effort and experience to devise a content plan that considers the sales funnel, audience persona, and goals of the campaign. After the plan, you need good content writers who can create content according to the decided strategy. You can’t do it by hiring different freelancers. A good team is needed with an experienced team lead to ensure you get the best out of each article.

Globex Outreach understands this better than anyone that’s why it has an in-house content marketing team that plans the content of each guest posting campaign. This not only makes your backlinks stronger but also ensures that every reader sees you as an industry leader and clicks the link to visit your website. Those visitors are qualified and educated traffic that is more likely to convert to a lead and customer.

Turnaround Speed

Another quality everyone expects from their digital marketing agency is a good turnaround time to execute their campaign. Globex claims to offer the fastest turnaround without compromising the quality. Their claim is legit due to their unmatchable resources and in-house teams. They have already built a proper system and workflow that ensures the delivery of the largest projects without any obstacles.

They can also get your project completed on an urgent basis if you ask them. This makes them a very reliable partner for link building. They will have the teams prioritize your work before others and even pull overtime if they have to. You can contact any other company but no one will be able to match the fast service they offer.

They will stay in touch with you during the execution and keep you updated on every step. You will be sent a complete report at the end of the project, so you would know where you invested and if they did everything according to your instructions.

Charges Compared to Market

Many think why not directly contact the website owner who is going to give you a backlink instead of hiring a middleman. The thing is, many have tried that and everyone preferred the service of Globex Outreach.

First of all, you need to have a list of all relevant websites that would be willing to give backlinks. Then, you will pull their email addresses and contact them to see if they would work with you. Even if they do agree after many emails, they will give you a rate that is way higher than the Globex would charge you.

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