Google Gravity – What Is It And How To Do Google Gravity Tricks?

Thinking without Google is making our lives more miserable and unbelievable. From the destination to the food menu, all we search in Google. Even now, fun is also not getting restricted. Google gravity is an exciting feature of Google. For example, you can take Google tricks. This funny trick is an amusing trick to kill your time and to keep your mind active during your boring time.

Google gravity is a good example of funny Google tricks. But other than the Google gravity tricks, many other funny tricks are also available on Google to kill your boredom. 

Google gravity tricks is a funny-looking homepage, and after entering the page of Google gravity, you get to see how smoothly the blocks are falling. And when you are clicking on the option of I am lucky. You get to see the entire Google page upside down. 

What Is Google Gravity?

What Is Google Gravity

In a single word, Google gravity is a Google homepage where you get to see all the written blocks on the Google page. But one difference is present here. You are seeing the options are falling, or you get to see all options from upside down. This is the attractive feature of the Google gravity page.

This trick is mainly designed to amuse Google users. Like, Google gravity Google has many amusement programs. The trick was first created in 2013 to amuse the online users of Google.

So you can tell Google gravity is one of the oldest Google tricks.

Like the Google gravity trick now, many other entertainment options are also available in Google to kill your boredom.

Here is the list of Google Tricks other than Google gravity:

  • Barrel Roll
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Pacman
  • Zerg Rush
  • Conway’s Game Of Life
  • Tilt Google
  • Atari Breakout
  • Google Underwater

Indeed, these are the most popular Google tricks which are developed after the Google gravity tricks. These tricks are also popular among users. The most flexible part of playing these tricks is you do not have to install any special applications for playing these games. 

You only have to visit the Google homepage. From there, you can easily find out about these games. And you can play the tricks to kill your time.

How To Do Google Gravity Tricks?


Google is the most popular search engine, so there is no doubt all the Google tricks are the most widespread and made with a well-designed algorithm. Google gravity is one of the most popular Google tricks and this trick is the java scripts-based designed page. And work on some predefined algorithms.

Google gravity tricks are giving so much relaxation in your mind and have the full ability to entertain you at times of boredom.

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Here Is The Step-By-Step Process To Do The Google Gravity Tricks:


The Google gravity trick is one of the oldest tricks. And you can simply enjoy the view of the free-falling of the elements from your desktop and cell phones. 

Step-1: First, open any browser from your PC.

Step-2: Then type in the search bar.

Step-3: The Google homepage is showing, then start typing Google Gravity in the search bar.

Step-4: After finishing typing the Google gravity name, press the “I am Feeling Lucky” button.’ I am feeling lucky’ button is defined as more accurate searching. And at the end, you do not have to view the multiple relevant choices. 

Your searching becomes more target-oriented, and it redirects to your target page. It moves you to the first ranking page, and you are getting the accurate destination without moving here and there.

Step-5: Now you get to see the new Google page starts opening in front of you. The very few times it takes to load the page. And this is the most attractive part of the Google tricks. Less time is required to reload the page.

Step-6: On the gravity page, when you just start to move your cursor a little bit. And everything on the page starts falling from the top. Even the Google search bar is also starting to fall.

Step-7: When you type anything in the searching bar, then all the relevant results are starting to flow in front of you.

This is the easiest method to apply the Google gravity tricks. The best features of the Google tricks are they do not require any types of extra application installment. Then start to rejoice your time while seeing the free fall of all the page elements.

If you want to kill your time by simply seeing Google gravity, then these are the simple steps. And you can also access the gravity page from your cellphone’s search engine if you follow the same process to access the gravity page. The same entertainment is possible by the use of your cellphones.

Bottom Line:

Google is the most popular search engine; indeed, your favorite searching engine now presents with more entertaining gestures. Google gravity is the best example of the Google algorithm’s complex programming structure. These features are designed especially to entertain the users. Google gravity tricks are the best game tricks to consider you without using any extra memory space. And all you have to do is just keep the internet connections.   

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)    

Does Google Gravity Feel Lucky?    

You can go to Google and type Google gravity; after that, you need to press the auto-suggestions and push that I am feeling lucky. After that, you will witness the entire page will become upside down. You can make use of Google Zero Gravity.

Is Google Gravity A Game?     

It is a car race competition game that is being sponsored by Google. You can play the game if you wish to do that. Yes, it is designed by Georgia Gravity games where the hands-on educational activity will be created by the STEM people.

How Does Google Makes Zero?    

Google gravity is also known as Smoogle gravity, and you need to run over the mouse on it. It will help you to achieve your goals in the proper order for a better surfing experience. Google Zero Gravity can help you to achieve your objectives in the correct order.

What is Google Underwater?    

You will witness underwater street views in Google Underwater Coastal environments. In addition, you will get the GPS located crystal record. Gravity Falls logo is another essential fact of Google Underwater.

What is Google Secrets?    

There are some exciting, fun tricks that you can apply while dealing with Google Secrets.

  • You can do a barrel Roll by holding on to the desk and dear life.
  • You can get the big answers to some of the mind-bending questions.
  • Did you realize that you have another way to make things happen?
  • Zerg rush and use of HTML will work as a party like in 1998.


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