How To Alphabetize In Google Docs

Want to make your browsing search easy and accurate? When you are browsing and searching for a specific file, you often require considerable time to find it. And the most aggravating circumstances are finding the search results with irrelevant topics. This article describes how to alphabetize in google docs, read it and use this plug-in to refine your browsing search.

When you alphabetize your good docs, your browsing is going to be more accurate and easy. Within one click, you can browse and find the most relevant search result from the google search engines. So now let’s see how you can alphabetize in google docs?

The Advantages Of Google Docs Alphabetize

The Advantages Of Google Docs Alphabetize

Before seeing how to alphabetize in google docs, you must first know the advantages of using it. You want a simple browsing process where you get the relevant search result with your first search.

Here are the advantages of the Google docs alphabetize process:

  • When you are dealing with big and unorganized documents, this is the best process to make things easy.
  • Your long documents are sorted and segregated, and recognized by the first letters of each paragraph.
  • This tool is very efficient in sorting your big documents into smaller portions.
  • You do not have to deal with unorganized documents, and your searching is going to be more accurate.

These are the usual common advantages of using the Google Docs Alphabetize plug-in. Now let’s see how you can use it.

Step By Step Guidance For Google Docs Alphabetize

Step By Step Guidance For Google Docs Alphabetize

The add-on sorted paragraph is always to keep your writing organized. Whatever you are making, like a list or anything in writing, will be collected in alphabetical order when you use the add-on plug-in.

Now let’s see how to alphabetize in google docs.

You can stack the sorted paragraph from either A to z or z to A.

Step1: First log in to your Google account from your device.

Step2: Then open the doc file which you want to alphabetize.

Step3: Open the taskbar, which is at the top of your home screen.

Step4: Click on the Add one’s option from the google taskbar.

Step5: Then, a separate window is going to pop up on your screen and give you the option with the add-ons option. You have to click on that option to install the add-ons with your google accounts.

How To Sort The Paragraph From The Search Bar?

How To Sort The Paragraph From The Search Bar

After you attach the add-on to your account, you have to sort the paragraph in alphabetical order. This is the second process for how to alphabetize in google docs. Alphabetizing in Google docs requires fine segmentations in their paragraphs.

Here is the process to sort your paragraph and organize your doc section in alphabetical order.

Step1: After you open the google taskbar add-ons option.

Step 2: Search for the sorted paragraph option from the top right corner of the bar.

Step 3: Then select the google account which you want to add.

Step4: Then confirm the permission to install the sorted paragraph with your google account.

How To Use Sorted Paragraphs Alphabetize Google doc?

How To Use Sorted Paragraphs Alphabetize Google doc

The alphabetize list in google docs and sorted paragraphs these two are the most common use of the alphabetization. After you add the link to your account, you can easily make it possible.

When you want to know how to alphabetize in google docs, first, you have to be prepared to process the task. Now, after completing the previous task, you are eligible to sort the paragraph with the alphabetization process.

For alphabetization, google docs complete the following process:

Step1: First, highlight the paragraph portions which need the shorting.

Step2: Then click on the add-on options.

Step3: Select the sorted paragraph option from the drop-down menu. And then, select the A to Z options or Z to an order to sort the paragraph.

Step4: After you complete this process, you can see the entirely sorted paragraph. But sometimes, spacing problems occur. To recover from these types of issues, keep your original doc file always ready for proofreading and accurate spacing.


Many FAQ are their in people minds about “Alphabetize in Google Docs”. Most of the people ask these following:

Can You Alphabetize In Google Docs?

Of course, you can often see people searching for a question like this as they are fed up with dealing with unorganized documents. The free add-on plug-in is there to make your paragraph look organized.  

After installation of these free plugs, you only require a few seconds to turn them on. And after that, you can quickly alphabetize the Google doc. But the layout is essential. After using the plug-in, there is always the chance of losing the present formatting. So you have to be ready to rectify it.

Why Should You Apply Alphabetize?

Alphabetizing is keeping your paragraph organized with a letter by letter. This is the reason the section has started looking more organized. 

But the spaces and the hyphens and the other period are neglected. After you have the organized documents, you have to assemble the required spacing in the paragraphs.

What Are The Importance Of Alphabetical Order Segments?

The alphabetical order of the google doc files or any written files make the thing look clear. And these segregated sorted features make your documents easy to find. 

And when you want to keep your browsing faster and accurate, these segmentations are always helping you to reach the correct result.

Wrapping It Up

Segmentation and the organized nature of the google docs files are not only making your doc look clear. When you organize your documents in alphabetical order, your browsing and the search are also becoming more accurate, and within a single click, you can find your required topic. Are you planning to use this plug-in? Now you know all about how to alphabetize in google docs.

So do not forget to share your add-on using experiences in the comment sections.

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