Kahoot Rocks Chrome Extension: Updated Guide For 2023!

Internet lagging is already irritating! Want to know about Kahoot Rocks? Well, you have reached the right place!

Now, just imagine your internet causing problems when you are in the middle of a quiz. The Kahoot website on its own is very entertaining, but the lagging problem that students have been facing during this time is cutting down on the best experiences.

Kahoot became a sensation during the pandemic and on seeingṣ the positive responses from students and teachers all around. This is the reason why Kahoot looked into this matter and decided to modify the experience a little.

This is known as the Kahoot Rocks. Evidently, you can add this to your chrome extension, and presumably, it will presumably protect you from all the internet logging problems you have been facing.

But, wait! Are you someone who has never even heard about Kahoot? Then sit back as I will be elaborating on the definitions, how to get Kahoot extensions, and the best alternatives if you are still facing that problem.

What Is Kahoot?

what is Kahoot

It is an online Quizlet platform that allows teachers to make the learning experience more entertaining. Among the students, on the other hand, it induces a sense of competitiveness which in turn makes them upskill their preparation games for the quiz.

The winner announcement at the end delivers a sense of pride for all the winners. This can help teachers get the best potential out of a student.

What Is Kahoot Rocks?

What Is Kahoot Rocks

Despite its best practices, it is something that is most likely to crash. Kahoot is notoriously known for lagging or clashing in the middle of the game, even with a full internet connection.

This is a fast-paced game, and once you have a chance to answer because of some technical issue, your entire game will derail. Your chance to win that game is gone. This can be frustrating and sometimes demotivate you from the game.

It can be highly disheartening when students have studied for a Quizlet and cannot ace it for some technical reason.

To mitigate these issues, which was apparently the only complaint that Kahoot has received, it came up with a solution. With the new Kahoot rocks, chrome’s rock extension allows you to create an extension on the chrome page.

The new updates allow you the secrecy feature through which you can randomize the answer delay and change the chance of a correct answer to avoid suspicions. Yes, these are more on the trick side of Kahoot.

But, this new feature will also have a Kahoot moderator bot that can solve some of your lagging issues if you are still facing any.

How To Use Kahoot Rocks?

This extension does not replace the original Kahoot website; you will just be able to get rid of the bug with the extension. This will help you get rid of the bug you have been continuously facing with the Kahoot application or website.

You can now complete challenges with ease as huge games can be played in seconds. No more making yourself come last because of that internet lagging.

Best Alternatives With Kahoot

Best Alternatives With Kahoot

This is something for the teachers who are still loving the student’s excitement, but they are facing immense problems with Kahoot even after Kahhot rocks, so these are the few alternatives you can try.

1. Acadly


The first option is the best alternative for the Kahoot application. This is absolutely free! Besides the quizlets that are the specialty for Kahoot, you can also utilize some features like simple question-answers and analytics and even match the students’ attendance for the quizzes.

But, don’t worry, the entertainment factor is not leaving your side. Acadly also promotes active and fun learning. You can use the built-in chat feature to make the classrooms a little more exciting and interactive.

2. Socrative


This is another easily accessible alternative that is available in both web and application formats like Kahoot rocks. The platform is free from any complications and can definitely be used by anyone with little knowledge of technology.

The assessments are something that can never get too monotonous. Since they are executed with the utmost amusing manner, it makes everything more engaging. Something that students are more likely to enjoy and not get bored of.

3. Quizlet


If your Kahoot rocks are unable to give you the results, then do not worry since Quizlet will more likely be better than Kahoot. This is the best alternative there is, which comes with a compelling set of quizzes, assessments, and learning tools.

This will not only help your students ace through the challenges and competition, but it will test their potential and make them proficient learners. These also come with a set of learning materials that you can choose from or create your own extensive study material.

This alternative has more than 30 million users who will definitely vouch for the credibility of this platform.

Final Note

Kahoot Rocks have seen some compelling evidence towards its positive reformation, and we are all very keen to test it. However, Kahoot’s reformation can lure students to some cheating practices as creating bots for quizzes is getting easier. This debunks the whole point of using Kahoot.

This is why you should always be more alerted about these practices. You can try using some other alternatives to your profile. They will allow you to make more comprehensive assessments with ease.

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      Deepanwita Dey

      Deepanwita Dey

      Deepanwita has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual ambles through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. She loves writing in genres like fashion, lifestyle, literature etc.

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