How To Choose The Perfect YouTube Video Downloader: 7 Questions To Ask

Everyone wants to download videos from YouTube. More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Data further suggests that there are over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. In recent years, YouTube has not only emerged as one of our biggest sources of entertainment but has also managed to evolve as a platform for education, learning, information, and news. However, with so many videos on YouTube, the question remains- can you download videos directly from the YouTube platform? The short and simple answer to this is NO! In order to download videos from YouTube, you will need to install a YouTube Video Downloader. In this article, we help people select the best YouTube downloader for themselves. 

Downloading videos using a downloader is not enough. You need to download it in a format that will allow you to play it, modify and edit as you please. This is why some of the leading YouTube vloggers choose to work with the best youtube mp4 converter. It helps in an easy download of the videos in a format that is most widely accepted and accessible. The last thing you would want is to be able to download a 5GB file in several hours, only for it to not play in the desired format you want it to.

How to choose the Best YouTube Video Downloader: 7 Questions to ask

1. Does the Downloader convert videos into MP3?

As most of you are aware, almost all the content, which is uploaded to YouTube is in MP4 format. You might be wondering whether there is a way to download videos, in MP3 format. The best YouTube to MP3 320 video downloaders allow videos to be downloaded in MP3 format. 

2, Does Video Downloader have a lot of pop-ups and ads?

Most standard YouTube downloaders suffer from the same problem. They let their platforms be used for spamming and phishing. This means that every time you use the platform, you will automatically get many pop-ups and unnecessary ads. This results in the very bad browsing experience. 

3, Does the Video Downloader take a lot of space and is slow?

Another common problem with Video Downloaders pertains to the huge file size that they occupy on your system. You can rest assured that this kind of software is going to slow your system down massively. In addition, bad platforms take a lot of time to complete the conversion process. Not good enough when you need to get the conversion done instantly. 

4. Does the Video Downloader offer Safety and Security?

I have already mentioned how bad platforms flood your browser with pop-ups and ads. They also contain dangerous file extensions that can shut your system down or cause other major setbacks. It is best to avoid such platforms and products. Good platforms have sophisticated algorithms that work to maintain the privacy of their consumers. 

5. Does the Video Downloader work as a Chrome Extension?

Every time you see a great video on YouTube, what do you do? You copy the URL, minimize the screen, open the downloader app on your desktop and wait. Not anymore! If you are using great platforms like downloader, you don’t need to wait, as this product works effortlessly well as a Chrome Extension. No hassles, no worries and a great way to have a seamless browsing experience. 

6. Is the Video Downloader Free or Paid?

This is perhaps the most important question on everyone’s mind. A majority of us cannot expect a great product, with sophisticated algorithms and an extension free. However, many great software products out there are free. You can convert all your YouTube videos into whichever format you like without paying even a single penny for the same. 

7. Does the Video Downloader support Android and iOS?

If you have been saying that your video downloader does all the above six things, wait till you hear a feature that even the best downloaders do not have. Platforms like odownloader help you convert YouTube to MP3 converter 320 kbps for iPhone and Android without any hiccups at all. This is something that even highly paid downloaders are incapable of offering. 


Imagine you watched a great video on YouTube but failed to save it. You did not even bother to copy the video URL (because no one copied the video URL). What are you going to do?

What if you chanced upon a great learning series, which was free and did not save the videos? Or, you had planned to watch some videos on YouTube and the electricity shut down, or the internet connection is down? It is in these times that a great YouTube video downloader can become your best friend. 

Once you start using it, you will realize how easy it is for you to use video content in different ways. Can you think of some other problems, which can be sorted with the help of a video downloader? 

Let us know in the comments section below. 


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