Are You Prepared For Contactless Moving?

Moving can give you sleepless nights. And if you’re planning to relocate as the world is combating the Covid-19 pandemic, you’re bound to have second thoughts.

The mere thought of getting in contact with a dozen men entering your space, packing all your household items, and then uploading into a van, is unsettling and giving you jitters.

If it’s feasible, procrastinate relocation for a few more weeks or months. In an otherwise scenario,  discuss some proactive steps with your removalists in Melbourne that can ensure a safe and hassle-free moving service.  Check this website to learn more.

Let’s begin…

1. Professional movers that promise contact-less services

The best moving companies have started offering contactless moving services following the best safety norms and guidelines as laid down by international institutions and governments. In fact, if you hire the absolute best, you can rest assured that they will be using for improved safety and hygiene. This ensures that your furniture is never compromised even when you are moving during the pandemic.

It goes without saying but social distancing is going to be a new normal for a decent period of time—of course, an early vaccine may bring some breather.  However, in such cases, moving companies have to revise their way of working to reduce physical contact within the crew and with customers, to reduce the risk of spreading virus infection. Whether it is a house or a warehouse relocation, you need to ensure the company you are hiring is not only following the new safety measures but also has a good reputation and professional equipment to handle the process the best way possible. For instance, this Man and van ealing service ensures that all of its team are equipped with the best tools and protective gear to move your goods safely and securely.

For instance, some SOPs must be issued to realign packing and moving that eliminates the presence of owners during the pick-up and delivery. All the crew members must be given complete safety gear and regular hand sanitization must be practiced.

To confirm if your approached movers are abiding by all the health and sanitization practices.

Health Priority

2. Put Family’s Health On Priority

Wear a mask and follow all the sanitization practices to keep yourself and your family protected from getting contracted by the Covid-19 infection. Prepare a schedule to pack items kept in different rooms so as to maintain arrangements for safe physical distancing.

If you have kids and aged people in your family, then it’s better to avoid moving, in all possibilities. Try to keep them safe in familiar surroundings. Alternatively, make some arrangements for their stay until things settle down in your locality.

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3. Contactless storage facilities

What if your new property is not ready to move in but you can’t postpone relocating?  This is a sticky situation. While you can keep some of your stuff in a relative or friend’s place. But that’s not a recommended practice in such uncertain times. You should have your Britannia Safe Deposit to keep your valuable documents, jewelry, or cash safe.

Ask for contactless storage facilities to keep your belongings safely stored, in a temperature-controlled and secure environment. Studies confirm the Covid-19 virus remains infectious for days, so you can keep some of your non-essential stuff in storage to reduce the risk if any.


What to do after moving to your new house?

While you may be excited about moving into your new home, do not forget the health and safety risks in touching the household items that may come in contact with an infected person or surface.

Here, we are sharing some helpful tips:

  • Do not use cardboard boxes from unfamiliar resources.
  • Use the disinfectant spray to clean packed boxes, furniture, and other items before dragging them inside.
  • Ensure the moving crew sanitizes their hands or directs them to wash hands using water and soap.
  • Keep face masks and disposable gloves handy.

Are You Prepared For Delay or Cancellation in Moving?

We are living in unpredictable times. So, the moving day may be shifted or canceled if the situation deems fit. Discuss all the possibilities with your movers to ensure that you can receive a complete refund in case of cancellation.

Nothing is over and above your life, so follow all the precautions to reduce the Covid-19 risk while relocating.

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Arina Smith

Arina Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelancer content writer and tech blogger by passion. She writes quality content on apps, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, etc. She is the feature writer at Social Media Magazine.

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