Taking The Buyer’s Journey To The Next Level With Emerging Technologies

Technology is constantly evolving and influences the entire buying process. This includes how consumers act and what they expect.

While forecasting the technological standards of the future and how they will affect consumers is very difficult, we can easily notice some trends developing right now. New technologies help businesses to easily understand the entire buyer journey, with options like Pathmonk gaining more and more traction.

The following technologies help businesses improve the buyer’s journey and understand customers.

Modern Ad Networks

Online advertising was completely changed by Google, as it introduced different ad networks. Then, Facebook launched its ad network, and several other large networks did the same. All of these ad networks do not seem like much when it comes to influencing buyers, but their success clearly shows us how consumers changed their search habits.

Right now, Facebook and Google are the big ad networks. They keep improving to be more efficient, with innovations appearing literally every month.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

A huge problem with augmented reality and virtual reality is that not much quality content is available. At the same time, there is a huge gap between value and price. However, what is happening right now is a clear move towards more affordable technology. As this happens and more content is developed, these two technologies will become much more prevalent in the buyer’s journey.

Brands have a huge opportunity to engage with the consumers through the creation of very good AR and VR content. Brand new filters and interactions are developed.

Digital Optimization

Marketers can now craft very effective call-to-actions, but this gets more and more complicated because brand websites are more complex, and the search becomes a preferred online navigation form. At the same time, large brand organizations can create their customized online domains, like blogs. google, and summit.audi.

Brands can now use a domain as an effective call-to-action. This drastically influences buyer decisions because the domain names are very easy to remember and can be trusted since it is the companies that applied for these extensions to become active.


Chatbots stand out as the modern digital technology that influenced the buyer’s journey the most in 2020. This technology was combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The result was a program that is capable of learning from the interactions with real people and then improve the service that is offered. Automation software like chatbots allows companies to easily communicate with potential and current customers in a very effective way.

In the following years, the quality of the customer service systems used by companies will drastically increase. This is because consumers already made it pretty clear that they expect fast, effective interactions. Most brands that want to use the internet as a promotional channel have to implement automated response software. This is especially the case with social media interactions.

Social Media Content Evolution

Last but not least, since we talked about social media, it is impossible not to highlight the fact that content on social networks changes. The easiest way to figure this out is to look at the growth of popularity for video content.

Keep in mind that modern shoppers spend a lot of time on social media. Brands have to create their network accounts and they need to take the data from interactions into account. Since social media is so big, social influencers will be more and more used in the future.

On the whole, the world is moving towards the internet and online interactions. Brands need to gather huge amounts of data and adapt, all based on what the buyer wants or needs. 2021 will be the year of digital interaction.

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