How UI or UX Design can take your app to new heights

UI and UX are mostly used in sync with each other, but they are not the same. They are for sure inter-connected; with thorough knowledge, you will be able to tell the difference. UI is known as the user interface, is a very important part that helps in user interaction. UX stands for user experience, that helps in interactions with the application.

UI and UX are very essential for the success of your application. The app world is getting competitive day by day.

The app sector is growing tremendously, these facts will help you in understanding the ground reality:

  • More than 86% of the American app user base has rejected some apps due to bad performance.
  • Around 94% of applications get out of the app store in the first month only.
  • 80% of users mainly focus on app usability.
  • More than 76% app loses users just after three days of installation.
  • 75% of the applications are only used once after the installation and then never again used.

Strategies for Getting it all Right:

With proper tips and methods, you can improve your app’s user experience-

1. Clear Understanding:

Every app designer must have control over four things before building a single wireframe; the purpose of the application, the targeted audience, the goals of the company, and the problem that the app will be solving. Getting to know your targeted audience can be very challenging in the beginning. Making a user persona can help you immensely.

2. Wise Use of Focus Groups:

You can use focus groups efficiently by asking them the correct questions at right time. These groups can be an optimal tool for discovering the needs of your user. People cannot determine their behavior, but they are capable enough to tell you about their needs.

3. Observe Natural Behavior:

The direct approach of observing is very useful in assessing factors like design and usability. The only possible way to figure out user experience is to observe the app’s UX.

How can UI and UX help in Building an amazing App:

UI and UX

  • Attracts the attention of Users:

All the elements like pages, buttons, and more brings the attention of the users. Users should feel a homely vibe with these elements, are comfy with working them. The user should spend more and more time using the app.

  • Building a Favorable Impression:

Making the first expressions is the target of every app developer, this is very optimal in the case of local businesses and startups. Only a stunningly attractive design can help your application reach new heights.

  • Gaining the Customer’s Loyalty:

Your app has to gain user loyalty like some app giants have gained over time. User interface attracts and brings users, while User experience keeps those users over time.

  • Getting featured in the App Store:

The number of active users builds the popularity of an app. An app can top the charts based on reviews and ratings. An efficient UI UX brings users and makes them download the app.

Click here for more insights on UI UX app design.


A mobile application is built to help users and make their life easy. These tactics can help you nail the UI and UX design for your applications.

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