Amazing WordPress Plugins for Higher Rankings in 2020

Writing SEO friendly articles can be hectic some times. You need to make sure that writing is done in accordance with the guidelines of the SERP rankings.  If you are having your website on WordPress, my friend you are very lucky. WordPress provides many plugins that can really help you to improve your SERP rankings. In the article, I am going to list out the best 5 amazing WordPress plugins in 2020. These free plugins will really help you write high-quality SEO friendly content.

I have listed out the best free plugins that can be really useful for you.

5 amazing WordPress plugins for high ranking in SEO [FREE]

Many new content writers and bloggers have no idea what these plugins are. Some of them don’t even know that they exist. And if they know, they don’t know the use of the plugins or how can it help them improve the quality of the content.

Given below are some amazing WordPress plugins that you can use in your WordPress site to upgrade the quality of content and can boost the SEO rankings.

1. Yoast SEO

This plugin is the most popular plugin out of all the plugins present in WordPress. It is undoubtedly the king of all the plugins. These plugins help to check whether the content is SEO friendly or not. And even if you have made a mistake in your content (article, blog) it will notify you to make improvements.

Yoast SEO

It comes with multiple features, like SEO title, meta tags, Focus keywords, URL, alt image tag, etc. You can work with these plugins to create the best SEO friendly content.

The features it provides are:

  • It can add a meta tag to the home page
  • It can add an SEO title.
  • Create XML sitemap file.
  • Content and SEO analysis
  • Social media optimization
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex search console integration.

2. Schema

No matter how good you optimize your site. If you are not getting any clicks on your website, it is worthless. Having a rich snippet can tempt the user/audience to click your site.


Schema is the WordPress plugin that can help you to customize your snippet. You can decorate the snippet according to your needs. So, you should focus on making your snippet attractive with the help of schema mark-up to improve the CTR rate.

A reach snippet contains:

  • Review
  • Recipe
  • People
  • Product
  • Events
  • Software application
  • Video article

3. Broken link checker

Are you having a site that has old content with old links? And you have no way knowing that the old links are working or not.

This where the Broken link checker WordPress plugin comes in the picture. This plugin is like a doctor for the website. It checks all the website and highlights all the broken link which are present on your website. Brocken links can destroy your page authority and domain authority. You need to take extra care of your old post.

broken link checker

The services the broken link checker provides are:

  • It can easily identify all the non-working links, redirects and images.
  • It restricts the search engine to track broken links.
  • Link checker provides options to explore and separate the links and the anchor texts.
  • It is an automated plugin. It constantly looks after all the links which are present on the website.

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4. Amp (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. People are using smartphones more compared to desktop and laptops. And after the launch of Google’s new algorithm, the responsiveness and the fast loading speed has become a valuable asset for high ranking on the SERP.


This where AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) comes in the play. Amp makes the loading page faster for mobile phones. Google now prioritizes the AMP-based website and it also improves the CTR.

The AMP plugins facilitate:

  • It can boost the responsiveness and loading time without hampering the website as a whole.
  • You can analytics
  • You can even facilitate AMP on the post, pages, and the media.

5. EWWW image optimizer

A website having high-quality images, increases the value of the site by ten times. But it can backfire as well. If the image is making the site slower and the loading pages are getting affected by the Image then it is better to remove the image.

EWWW image optimizer

Ewww image optimization is a WordPress plugins help you to optimize your every image on the web site without reducing its quality. Optimizing the images also comes under the good practices of the SEO.


Making your website or your post rank on the SERP can be a difficult task. But it can be simplified with the help of the WordPress plugins. These plugins can make your work simple and less stressful.

I have listed down some of the famous plugins that you need to have for your WordPress website. If this article was to your liking then you can also visit our home page for more related posts. you can even subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of every new post we make.

Do not forget to drop your thoughts in the comment section, and feel free to suggest other plugins that does not make it to the list.

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