At The Conclusion Of Each Act In Diablo 2 You Will Face A Boss

In Diablo 2, you will go head-to-head against a different boss at the conclusion of each Act. In addition, if you are successful in vanquishing either Nightmare Diablo or Nightmare Baal, you will be granted access to the Hell difficulty level for the game.

ACT 1 – ANDARIELShe is known as the Maiden of Anguish, and she is regarded as one of the evils that are on the more lenient end of the spectrum.

– In addition to that, she was the master of Hell’s Realm of Anguish, which was a place filled with pain and suffering

– In his account, Deckard Cain referred to her as the only female member of the Evils

– She was the only one

– In the end, valiant heroes were able to put an end to her threat and put an end to her existence

– Find out more about her family’s history and the strategy that will be most effective against Andariel in the game’s final act


Amazon: Keep your distance from her and arm yourself with a bow and some javelins if you want to protect yourself from the damage that can be caused by the poison she uses in her attacks. Any potential increase in damage that the Fire Arrow attack can inflict is very much appreciated.

Tiger Strike, an attack used by the assassin, has the potential to kill Andariel if it is used in conjunction with another powerful finishing move. Utilizing a variety of different traps will allow you to increase the amount of damage that you inflict on your enemies. Those who have invested points in their Shapeshifting skill have several options available to them, one of which is the Werewolf form, which is useful for dealing damage quickly. Even if you transform into a werebear before you try to kill her, you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing so.

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If a Paladin equips both the Concentration and Might Auras, the amount of damage that they inflict on their enemies will increase. If you use the Cleansing aura, the poison will have no effect on your character or any of the other members of your party after you use it. The Holy Fire Aura is an additional offensive tool that can be used against Andariel. It is quite useful in this context. Before he met his end at the hands of courageous individuals, Duriel was defending the Tomb of Tal Rasha, which operated as Baal’s prison.

The final boss fight in Act 2 takes place with Duriel. He is one of the bosses that present the greatest challenge in the game. In addition to this, he possesses a speed comparable to that of a lightning bolt, as well as an unstoppable Holy Freeze Aura that cannot be extinguished by any means.


If you are an Amazon who is armed with a Bow and you are having trouble defeating Duriel, you should think about hiring an Act 2 defensive mercenary. As long as you are successful in preserving your mercenary’s life, you are at liberty to continue firing at him. It is recommended that you use the Town Portal to escape when your hireling is killed and then return to the town later.

You should be able to take him down with the assistance of approximately five full rejuvenation potions if you are armed with a potent bow and are able to take advantage of the potency of your bow. You have the option of attacking the Boss with a Bow or one of your spells while the rest of your party is keeping him distracted with the help of the other members of your party.

If you are playing as a Wind or Fire Druid, you should consider hiring a mercenary to act as a tank and following a strategy that is comparable to that of the Sorceress (for more information, see the section that follows this one).

Using Zeal in conjunction with a weapon that has the ability to both freeze and drain life from its target is the most effective method for a Paladin to use when attempting to kill Duriel. Last but not least, you should make sure that some healing potions and mana potions are always ready to use on your belt with cheap D2R Non-Ladder Items.

The sorceress is: It is essential to the outcome of this conflict that your mercenary be outfitted with a formidable spear and robust armor if you wish to emerge victorious. The static field is your most potent spell for use against bosses because it can significantly reduce their health bar in a short amount of time.

Note that the Static field will no longer have any effect below 33% of the Boss’ Health when playing on the Nightmare difficulty setting, and below 50% Health when playing on the Hell difficulty setting. This change will take place if you are using the Nightmare or Hell difficulty settings.

To do battle with him, you will, however, need to clear the field of a certain number of Bloodlords and a certain number of Council Member Bosses first. For instance, he is able to utilize a variety of Lightning abilities, such as Poison Nova as a spell and Charged Bolt as a Lightning ability.


It is essential to keep in mind that he is resistant to mana and life leech in the Nightmare and Hell difficulties (unless you cast Life Tap), so be sure to keep this in mind. It is easiest for ranged classes to kill Mephisto if they first draw his attention by slowly approaching him, and then quickly run back to the room in the center of the area with the pool of blood, where they can attack him there.

After that, a portal will open, and out of the pool of blood will emerge a bridge made of the skeletons and bones of human beings. If you cross the small bridge, then proceed through the gate that leads to the underworld, you will have successfully completed Act 3.

There is a Unique Boss and a group of minions guarding three of the seals, and both of these things need to be defeated in order for you to be able to open those seals. The overwhelming majority of them, like the Firestorm and the Firewall, deal damage that is related to fire in some way.

In addition to this, he is equipped with a skill known as Cold Touch, and the damage that is dealt by his most damaging attack is Lightning. Because of this, it is strongly advised that before you engage him, you bring at least your Resistance to Fire and Lightning to their maximum level.

Melee characters will not have a choice but to take Diablo’s melee hits, and as a result, they should always have a Healing Potion available to them in case they need it. If your fire resistance is at its maximum, not only will you have no trouble surviving Diablo’s Fire Storm or any of the other fire spells, but you may even have some fire absorption.

ACT 5 – BAAL Tol’Baalos is not this individual’s real name; however, he is regarded as one of the Prime Evils

As the name of this game’s expansion suggests, Baal is also frequently referred to as the Lord of Destruction. This moniker is hinted at by the use of the term “Lord of Destruction.”Even though the Prime Evils were famous for their outrageous behavior, Baal managed to top them all.

Diablo finally succeeded in freeing Baal after a long period of time had passed, and then he proceeded to taint the Worldstone with his corruption.

Shortly after that, the heroes were successful in putting Baal to death. It is possible that you will also need to improve your equipment, concentrating your efforts on bolstering your defensive capabilities and improving your armor.




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Sumona is the publisher for TechTrendsPro. In terms of professional commitments, she carries out publishing sentient blogs by maintaining top to toe on-page SEO aspects. Follow more of her contributions in SmartBusinessDaily and RealWealthBusiness

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