Top 10 Gadgets for Back to School

Back to School is a great moment for students and parents to purchase school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year. For the students, what better than having the right gadgets to take advantage of the latest technology? Studying for long hours and exam preparation will become easier by using these technological devices and gadgets without getting bored.

Here are the top 10 gadgets for back to school:

1. Vessyl:

Back to school will keep you away from home for several hours and you have to stay hydrated, Vessyl is an intelligent glass that will tell you what you’re drinking, and it will also provide the functionality of having detailed control of your daily hydration. Using this latest generation apparatus creates your own schedule for drinking, as reported what drinks you ingest and planned start time.

2. Livescribe Pulse Smartpen:

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The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen may appear to be your average pen (it’s about the size of a Sharpie), but it also packs in a voice recorder and up to 2 GB of storage. So far so good, but here’s the really cool part: not only does the Beat remember everything you’ve written in digital form (you actually can sync your written notes by hand onto your LAPTOP or COMPUTER or Mac and even share them online), it also monitors whatever was being said when you were writing a detail — just tap anything to notice all of what Tutor Motormouth was saying too particular moment. What’s the secret? The Pulse smartens infrared sensor uses the little dots on the custom (and required) Livescribe notebook paper as reference items.

3. Chromecast:

With this little device, you carry to the TV screen Android devices and open browser windows, since its inception has been a resounding success and that despite not replacing smart TVs provides excellent functionality at a low price.

4. McBook Air:

To return to classes efficiently you need a laptop that gives you the portability and performance needed, although this model is not the most powerful brand is ideal for student days. Furthermore, it’ll allow you to access online study materials on the go like these macroeconomics notes. Besides notes, students can also access summaries, books, and assignments.

5. Asus Transformer Book T100TA:

Comfort and high efficiency, that is what gives Asus Transformer Book T100TA, is a good alternative for students seeking a device with the ability to perform heavy work and at the same time provide the functionality of a tablet.

6. IntoCircuilt Power Castle:

The need for technology is essential in today’s world, so live with devices around it is common to say that one of the biggest frustrations of this generation is low battery. To avoid this problem we IntoCircuit Power Castle that is able to load five times an average smartphone and an LCD display that identifies the amount of fuel remaining.

No longer do you have to be careful about how much battery with this device from anywhere you can make use of the smartphone without any problems.

7. MEElectronica HT-21 Travel:

Take your favorite music wherever you want, these headphones are practical, lightweight, easy to carry and provide a high-quality sound. The good thing about this gadget to return to school is that it is not very expensive, so you’ll need an affordable device with the quality you want.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

A device considered one of the best in terms of taking notes is concerned, the smartphone has different functionality and ease of use: an Amoled screen with high resolution and angles of useful vision, an S-PEN that provides pressure sensitivity apart from other functions that make the user experience more comfortable.

9. iPad Air:

The devices returned to class must have the necessary functionality and comfort, the iPad Air has a number of specific applications, and it is one of the lightest and thin to be everywhere. An interesting and ideal for students aspect is that thanks to its retina screen can read more comfortably.

10. Sony PSP Go:

The mother and father may want you to squander thousands of tuition US Dollars by sitting around participating in games all day long, right? Good enough, but a transportable game-playing console makes for a great way to strike off steam. Sony is teeing up the latest version of its Ps Portable for Oct.

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