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The undertale piano puzzle is becoming an indie phenomenon kind of game. Many new games come and go, but this game is making an absolute sensation among the youths. It still holds a very stable position among the adventure game lovers’ hearts. The game is a puzzle game, but unlike the other boring kinds of puzzles, this one is based on an engaging story.

The undertale music and the piano code both are foremost essential factors. Because unless you do not know codes, you can not open the secret door and crack the undertale piano puzzle game. The new games are mostly story-based. For example, you can see the similarities with the Garden Story merit.

Let’s see first what are the features of the undertale piano puzzle.

What Is Undertale Piano Puzzle?

What Is Undertale Piano Puzzle

Underatle piano puzzle is a puzzle-based game but story-oriented. A piano puzzle is located north on the three-way intersection of the waterfall. The first time the piano is going to play in the background. After hearing the music, the player has to play the first eight notes of the piano song.

This is the primary strategy of the game. When you want to open the separate game door or go to the next stage of the game, you have to play the piano notes. From the memory options, you have to play the eight or five notes of the piano. The notes numbers are different based on the next stage.

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Features Of Undertale Piano Puzzle Game

Features Of Undertale Piano Puzzle Game

The actual game story of the undertale piano puzzle starts with an engaging storyline. Apart from it, if you are searching for exciting type gaming options, you must see the features of the undertale piano puzzle and start to play.

Here are the attractive features of the piano puzzle game:

  • The game is for everyone. Even beginners can play the game.
  • You do not have to use any video game gadgets and accessories.
  • You will play a game with good graphics.
  • Overworld and the combat options are present in the game.
  • You have to complete different types of puzzles to destroy the enemies of the different levels.

The easy nature of the game is the perfect combination. So it is always better for beginners to start with these games.

What Are The Undertale Platforms?

What Are The Undertale Platforms

Before going for solutions of the undertale piano puzzle game solutions, you have to know on which platforms you can play the game.

Here are the undertale platforms’ names compatible with the gaming operating system:

  • Linux
  • PlayStation 4
  • Undertale Platforms
  • Regular Windows
  • Vita PlayStation
  • Xbox one etc

How To Play The Undertale Piano Code?

How To Play The Undertale Piano Code

The undertale piano puzzle game is where you will locate a north-faced three-way intersection in the Waterfall. The room contains a piano. You can play the piano with the Z key and the direction arrows. You will get around five playable notes.

The first eight notes are enough to play. These are the easy strategies to play the piano in the game. Then, after the memory players, you have to play the same undertale piano note tune with your piano.

So let’s see how to find the solution for the Undertale piano puzzle. And complete the Undertale piano puzzle game.

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Piano Puzzle Solution

Piano Puzzle Solution

Now you know how to play the undertale piano code. But how do you find the solution to the puzzle? This game is not a very tough game to play. Only have to follow the easy steps to reach solutions for the game.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to find the solutions for the undertale piano puzzle:

Step1: The solutions of the puzzle are found on the right side of the three-way intersection.

Step2: You will find a statue that is raining on an umbrella.

Step3: From that area, memory plays an undertale music; in the background.

Step4: Then after hearing the memory, you have to play the first eight notes of the undertale songs or music.

The solution of the puzzle is:

  • Neutral (•)
  • Up (↑)
  • Right (→)
  • Neutral (•)
  • Down (↓)
  • Neutral (•)
  • Down (↓)
  • Right (→)

The puzzle is letting you leave out the 6th note (Neutral (•)) altogether. This is the only part of the note which is considerable. Apart from it, no other songs and the tunes are considerable.

When you are able to solve the puzzle and reach the seventh notes If you are playing Undertale v1.001, the puzzle game solutions are going to appear above the statue.

You have to wait for a while to see the intended solution for the plaque.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. In What Order Do You Have To Play The Undertale Piano?

You have to play the first five notes that the statue gives you. Then, first, you only have to long-press the button. And other fours are holding a direction and press it. Then, if you can not understand the musical code, you have to start with simple key movements.

The solution is here: press the none up, right, none down, and right. That’s all. After you press these buttons, your music is going to play.

2. Want To See The Statue Rain On Umbrella?

You can get the Umbrella from the right side of the statue. You have to pass the room and get back to the statue. The interest with the statue and getting the umbrella back to the statue.

3. Is Undertale Piano An Easy Puzzle Game?

Undertale is a story-based role-playing game. The concept is simple, and it is a top-down perspective. The concept is easy. Only the players have to control a child and complete the objectives to progress the story to the next level. The players explore underground towns and a caves-filled world. And for reaching up to the goal.


These are all you are getting from the article. If you want to find the solution for the puzzle, you have to start with understanding music tunes and notes. Unless you do not understand the music’s notes, it will be hard to crack the musical note code. So follow our tips and find the easy solutions for an Undertale piano puzzle game. Are you a passionate Undertale player? Do not forget to share your gaming experiences in the comment sections.

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