How Valuable Is The PMP certification?

With more than 750,000 professionals getting their hands-on PMP or Project Management Professional certification globally, it is quite clear that the popularity of this diploma is on the rise.

But, before anything else, let’s learn what exactly this PMP Certification stands for. In short, PMP Certification is a professional certification presented by Project Management Institute PMI. As per some of the research materials from PMI, the project management sector has been here to grow since 2020.

  • The project-managed-based labor force in 7 project-oriented sectors has been predicted to grow by around 33% by 2027. That means there are going to be 22 million new jobs up in the market to grab!
  • By the year 2027 comes, employers are subject to need around 88 million people to fill up for the project management roles.
  • Another interesting fact has stated that talent shortages in this field can create risks of around 208billion USD in GDP in around 11 countries through 2027.

From the current statistics, it can be easily stated that there is always growing demand for PMP Certification, and it won’t stop any time soon!

Competition Is Also There:

Competition Is Also There

As there is a growing need for PMPs, that does not mean there is no competition on this ground. It is quite natural for the aspirants to look for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest in the market. Getting a proper PMP Certification from PMI will be one of the most effective ways to do so.

  • Even though there are various PMP certified project managers out there, a PMP Certification is always considered to be a mark of distinction.
  • So, if you are ever wondering if you should get this certification or not, it is vital to understand all that you can get once you are certified.

In order to prepare for the PMP exam, you can join SPOTO and get free PMP practice exam questions and answers from the same source. So, preparing for the upcoming exams won’t be difficult for PMP aspirants at all!

What Are All Involved In Getting A PMP Certification?

Remember that the PMP Certification procedure is not quite intended for the new college graduates or any other project management rookies.

These are somewhat designed for those with substantial experience in the current project management field who want to advance their careers.

Let’s focus on the requirements needed:

  • You need to have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience.
  • It will include a minimum of 4500 hours of direct project management experience.
  • There should be around 35 hours of specialized education under project management.
  • You need a passing score on 220 MCQ questions. It comes with a fee structure of $400 to $600 range, depending on the applicant’s residential area.

Once you get the certification, you need to earn the professional development units once every 3 years. It helps you to maintain your current PMP status.

Depending on the ways in which you are going to earn development units, maintaining your PMP Certification can always prove to be an expensive procedure to follow!

The Benefits Of Getting The PMP Certification:

The Benefits Of Getting The PMP Certification

Why on earth will people pay such a hefty price for PMP Certification? Why will they spend hours studying and trying hard to pass the exam and get certified? The following points will answer your question.

  • In most instances, you can increase your earning potential significantly once you have the PMP Certification by your side. A recent salary count indicated that certified project managers could make 20% more than non-certified employees.
  • PMP Certification will always help you to run for high-profile and interesting projects. So, that improves your chance of getting hired by valuable enterprises that are looking for PMP Certification in your resume.
  • Furthermore, with the PMP Certification under your belt, you can improve and prove your skillset. The knowledge you gain through the exam will make it easier for you to lead your teams through some complex projects.

So, the next time you are planning to get higher salary packages and play the role of the project manager in reputed centers, make sure to get hands-on the PMP Certification right away! There will be a whole new chance to your job profile.

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Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey

Arnab Dey is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.

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