How SEO Can Grow Your Audience in 2020

Today, no matter how big or small your business is, it will need online exposure. After all, this is where the world is headed now, with millions of people using the Internet to search for businesses, finding their needed (or wanted) products and services. If your business doesn’t prioritize using the Internet and improving their online presence, then you’re bound to stay behind compared to competitors.

According to leading SEO experts at Octiv Digital, this strategy is one of the best ways to improve organic visibility and awareness for a brand. By forming strategic partnerships with bloggers in your business niche, you can present your brand to the right target audiences. If your content is convincing enough, you will see people click on your website link and come the website.

If you’re trying to figure out where to begin, search engine optimization (SEO) is a solid foundation that garners great results. With SEO, you can enhance your digital marketing strategies, promoting your business online for a better return of investment.

But how exactly does SEO enhance and grow your audience these days? Read on to learn more, based on popular companies and experts such as Joel House SEO Coffs Harbour!

How SEO Can Grow Your Audience


If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), this is a set of practices to help your site gain visibility on search engines. These practices may seem simple, but there’s a lot more underneath the surface, as you need to work on multiple factors to create an effective SEO strategy going beyond optimizing keyword phrases people frequently use.

To reap the benefits of SEO, you have to learn the way search engines work and what they want and expect from you. You also have to know the way your target audience uses search engines and what they search for.

When it comes to SEO, you don’t only want to make your site relevant to search engines, but for your target audience, too. And once you utilize proper strategies and reap success, you get to rank on the first page, which makes you more visible to millions of searchers worldwide.

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There are many ways you can grow your audience and create a positive online presence. But SEO still remains superior and a great start to get things going. Here are the ways SEO allows you to grow your audience further:

1. It Boosts Inbound Traffic

When generating more business, you’ll have to generate even more exposure to what you have to offer. This means you have to focus on marketing methods to get website traffic to convert into sales.

But with running ads or other traditional outbound marketing practices, they are expensive, especially when starting out. The aim shouldn’t only be about reaching out to the target audience but doing so in cost-effective manners. That’s where the brand’s value SEO impacts when marketing their businesses, as it attracts quality inbound traffic.

The inbound traffic you receive is targeted and would grow with time, as long as you put effort into it.

2. You Gain Customers

If no one relevant finds your website, you don’t get to reap any benefits or sale, regardless of how professional it seems. That’s where SEO comes along, as it can help you get even more customers to your site.

People are now using search engines to search for businesses, with millions choosing the top websites to work with and visit. And this is expected to grow, especially with more people using smartphones and depending on SEO and search engines to create buying decisions.

When done right, SEO is a simpler way for others to make a buying decision and for brands to remain visible to grow their audience.

3. Receive Long-Term Results

A huge problem with traditional marketing methods like print or outdoor ads, or purchasing ad spots on radio channels and televisions, is that they are time-bound. Meaning, it has a certain time frame and when it doesn’t generate the expected results, you lose advertising dollars.

With SEO, you get to take advantage of the Internet, allowing you to stay in the forefront, giving you long-lasting results that help you stand out from the competition.

4. SEO Provides ROI

When comparing SEO with offline advertising or other digital marketing methods, you probably know that SEO can achieve a higher return on investment at lower costs. There are various reasons why SEO can help you achieve some of the highest ROIs, with the main reason being that it allows your site to connect to the right people in good timing.

This is an inbound strategy proven to work when you want to market to target audiences.

Usually, people don’t mind SEO and wouldn’t notice it. You won’t have to watch or read advertisements, and your website won’t show until and unless they are searching for a brand like yours.

No more hard-selling to prospects when doing SEO, which helps grow your audience? No one wants to be pushed or forced to visit your website or try new products.

Furthermore, when they see your website on the top of search engine results pages, they’re convinced that they know your business is the best to work with. This makes the digital marketing journey even easier, with interested people reaching out to you rather than searching for them.

5. Your Website is More User-Friendly

Not a lot of people know that SEO isn’t just about adding the correct keywords, nor is it simply about building links from high-authority websites. Sure, SEO used to be all about finding good websites. However, it’s more than that today, as it’s more about creating appropriate websites with the best user-friendly experience, known as UX.

Search engines don’t want to highlight websites that are poor-looking and slow-loading with bad navigation. They want to show users websites with user-friendly experiences. So when and if you start using SEO strategies, one of the first things to do is to improve your website.

From speed to mobile-friendliness, it will make a huge difference in your rankings of search engines. This will impact your site’s conversion rate, which will help you get more audience and have them stay to see what you have to offer.

6. Increases Your Brand Value

Potential customers would trust your site and business more when you have made an effort to build brand value. Strong brand value is crucial for all types of businesses, especially if you’re still starting out and on the way to create a name for yourself.

With SEO, it allows you to increase your brand value without the hefty costs. You can either start off without investments yet or create a small one to be on your way to begin building real brand value that would help you garner more customers.

Compare this to print and media advertising space, you can see that using traditional marketing methods is much costlier. With SEO helping you build primary brand value in the target industry will give you real-world results without spending too much. This is why SEO is a reliable tool to increase market visibility while boosting your business’ reputation.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to improve your brand and website’s online presence, then you’ll want to start thinking about SEO. You get amazing benefits from it that won’t only improve your chances of being discovered, but you get a return of investment from all the potential customers you get from search engines.

Now that you’re familiar with the importance of SEO and how it benefits your business to grow customers, start implementing it to your site and marketing strategies now! Good luck and comment below if you have any questions or tips to share.

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Joel House is the founder of Joel House Search Media. How can you grow your business with SEO Brisbane? Having helped hundreds of businesses around the world to grow their business through Google traffic, Joel House has the reputation, and experience that you need to take your business to the next level.

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      Joel House

      Joel House

      Joel House is the founder of Joel House Search Media. How can you grow your business with SEO Brisbane? Having helped hundreds of businesses around the world to grow their business through Google traffic, Joel House has the reputation, and experience that you need to take your business to the next level.

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