5 Mobile Apps To Plan Cleaning And Household Chores

In the pre-smartphone era, housewives planned household chores on paper or kept all the “to do” lists in their heads. Today everything is much easier and more efficient. Find more useful apps on apppearl.

To organize family life, there is no need to make complex tables on a paper sheet, and even less to “clutter” the memory with huge amounts of similar information. It is enough to install on your smartphone a handy scheduler application, which will remember all your plans and at the right time will unobtrusively remind you about them. If after reading this you still feel you lack the time and energy for the cleaning required, you can always call in a Las Vegas maid service or cleaning service local to you and have a certified cleaner do it for you. Booking is at the click of a button online, so couldn’t be easier!

The selection includes 5 popular mobile applications for Android and iOS, which will help to optimize many household processes, streamline routine tasks, and free the brain for more interesting thoughts.

1. Tody – cleaning in a smart way

The free Tody app (with a paid premium subscription without ads) is a handy planner for routine household chores that need to be done regularly at varying intervals.

How it works:

► First, you add zones – living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, basement, attic, garage, etc.

► Then you create lists of actual tasks in each zone and specify the frequency of their performance (for example, water the flowers every 3 days, do light damp cleaning once every 4 days). All tasks are displayed in two general lists – completed and upcoming tasks.

► For each process you select the stage it is in at the moment (clean, medium, time, long overdue). The stage is displayed as a color indicator: green (all is well), yellow (still “patient”), orange (best not to be put off), and red (already “burning”). In addition to the colors, visual status indicators are used

► Press the “Done” button if the task has been completed; press the “Pause” button if it is paused.

► The app supports multi-user mode (premium subscription): if you want, you can connect the rest of the family to the planning.

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2. Fammle

The Fammle app is a multiplayer family to-do manager with a built-in “in-house” chat.

How it works:

► Sign up, create a family account or join an existing profile via an invite link or QR code (“Join Family”).

► Create a shopping list, link it to a specific time and assign a person to do it (he will get a notification in his app). You can do the same with any other household tasks – for example, cleaning, watering the flowers, washing the dishes, or walking the dog.

► If the doer doesn’t have time (or doesn’t want to) complete the assigned task – move it to another family member and/or another date. All items in the calendar are moved with the drag-drop principle.

► Plan events and add birthdays to your calendar. If the person is in the address book of your smartphone – just import the contact.

► Use the app as a family messenger – correspond with participants, send each other photos and videos, record voice messages and call performers directly from the task page.

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3. Home Routines

The paid Home Routines app was created by developer Wunderbear specifically for owners of Apple smartphones (iOS 12.3 or higher). With the help of the application, you will be able to draw up a detailed plan for the implementation of household “routines” for the whole year. Thus, you save yourself from having to plan and distribute household chores daily.

How it works:

► Divide your apartment or home into focus zones (“Focus Zone,” up to 7 zones).

► Create a to-do list for each zone. Specify the frequency of each task. The result will be monthly, weekly, daily, and morning/evening “to do” sheets.

► Set a pep-timer for 10-15 minutes that will keep the process from getting too long.

► Put stars in front of the “chores” you’ve done, so you can monitor your tasks and assess the front end of the work you’ve done. When you’ve completed the whole list, get a motivational “Tada! You can share the results of your efforts with your friends via e-mail.

4. LadyFly

LadyFly is a paid mobile planner with flexible settings and lots of features, inspired by the FlyLady housekeeping system. The handy tool allows you to divide the cumbersome burden of worries into small daily routines (repetitive tasks). And also organize your space, keep your house clean and tidy, do without general cleaning and find time to rest.

How it works:

► Choose from the options provided routines and put them on your schedule. Set an interval – every day, once a week, once a month, once a season. In addition to household cleaning activities, add any other regular chores – e.g., “shower,” “eat breakfast,” “walk the dog.” Recurring tasks will be grouped into lists that are distributed by day of the week and displayed on your calendar.

► Divide your cleaning space into zones (kitchen, entrance and hallway, bathroom, nursery, etc.) and each zone will have a detailed to-do list. It’s a good idea to devote one week to one area.

► Receive a mailing list with daily tasks, which you will perform step by step to improve your living space.

► Make any kind of list – shopping at the supermarket or pharmacy, vacation items, gifts, books.

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5. Unfilth Your Habitat

A paid cleaning motivator app. Its target audience is ordinary people who clean their apartments “in the mood” and without any system.

The application serves as a “kick”, encouraging you to do something useful for your apartment. Achievements are recorded as a list of completed tasks.

How it works:

► Make to-do lists around the house.

► If you don’t know what to do, choose a “challenge” for the day – random or a specific room.

► You receive tasks from the system – e.g. wipe the dust off the surfaces, disassemble the closet in the hallway, find something unnecessary and immediately throw it away, etc.

► Choose tasks of optimal duration or set your timer for 5, 10, or 20 minutes.

► The system will tell you how much time you should spend on cleaning, and how much time you should spend on a well-deserved “time break”.

► Complete the tasks and tick the checkboxes in the application. The completed task will appear on the achievement wall, and you will receive a reward and motivating praise from the system.

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