How To Download Any Video From The Internet — The Ultimate Guide

We all at some point find ourselves sucked into YouTube. Hours go by as we browse through the videos uploaded by people every day and check a number of them as per our requirement. Informative videos, helpful videos, and funny videos make us lose track of time. At one point, the idea of downloading videos from the internet does come to our mind. There are some informative videos that we love to store for future reference, and hence the first thought comes to our mind is how to download this video. Here are some of the ways by which we can employ to download videos from any video sharing:

1) Keep Vid

2) Net Video Hunter

3) Desktop Software

4) Yoo Download

5) Fastest Tube

6) Instagram Downloader

1) KeepVid

Keep Vid is the fastest tool to download any video from the internet. However, the important condition is that the site should be compatible with KeepVid. Daily Motion, YouTube, Mega video, Vimeo, Metacafe are some of the sites that are supported by it. Simply, we can copy the URL of the video we want to download. Then head to and paste the copied URL into the top bar. Click ‘download’ present to the right of the bar. Make sure not to click the large green download button. The video will load in just a few seconds and therein will be some options to download the video in MP4, FLV, or Web Format. Due to the variety of downloading format availability and bit rate adjustment many people prefer Keepvid over other internet videos downloader.

How To Download Any Video From The Internet

2) NetVideoHunter (Firefox)

Firefox is well known as one of the fastest browsers available on the internet. The extension support for Firefox browser adds features that enhance its performance. NetVideoHunter for Firefox can be found in the extension search menu of Firefox browser. The netvideo hunter is one of the best options for downloading videos. It works well with popular sites including the Facebook. Once the extension from the add-on site is installed, a button instantly adds on the toolbar. In order to download the video using it, head to the page with the embedded video. The netvideo hunter will start flashing, indicating that the video can be downloaded. Click the download button to start the downloading process of the desired video.

3) Desktopsoftware

The desktop software is compatible with both the Mac and Windows computer. Web videos can easily be downloaded using this software. Copy the URL of the desired video, paste in the bar and start downloading. It is an easy way to get the videos downloaded. The best feature of this method of downloading is, it can download initiate download without much hassle. The videos get downloaded in fine quality with good audio output without doing much of anything except pasting the URL.

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4) YooDownload

YooDownload is a competitor to the well-known tool Keep Vid. Downloading videos from the YooDownload is quite easy. Moreover, it works well with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and YooDownload is keeping up with KeepVid due to similar and in fact better user side interface. This tool is intuitive and doesn’t require much of understanding about how it functions. Downloading videos using YooDownload is like a child’s play.

5) VidFlu

Vidflu is the fastest and easiest tool for downloading the videos. It is a web app extension by visiting it you can download facebook videos online for free. Facebook Video downloading has become quite simple with The advantage of using an extension is quite clear that one doesn’t have to install any software. Therefore, no space is consumed. Additionally, one isn’t required to visit any website and paste any URL. One can just hover the mouse on the video and right click. The extension option is directly visible and by clicking that one can directly download the video.

6) Instagram Downloader

Downloading videos from Instagram has become very easy due to the Instagram Downloader. Simply, copy the URL of the required video and paste it in the bar. Then click the go button. The download link will appear in the new tab. Click the download button. And the video will start to download within seconds.

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